Fixing a PC remotely

  Be polite 20:47 19 Feb 2003

My sister lives several miles away. She has bought a second hand PC that is riddled with problems. She regulalry calls me about these problems. Is there any way I could connect my computer to her computer so that I can fix her PC from where I am without the need for lengthy telephone conversations? I have seen this sort of thing done over networks but can it be done over a phone line and if so how?

  rct 20:52 19 Feb 2003

If the computer has Windows XP it's easy. Just initiate remote assistance over the internet. If she has an older OS then the only solution is PCAnywhere which would have to be installed at her end as well... not ideal if the computer already has problems!

  woodchip 20:56 19 Feb 2003

If you install laplink on both computers you can do it there is other software that works similar

  he he :-) 20:59 19 Feb 2003

I don't think u can do that then. The remote access was only built in with win xp and u both have to be running win xp.

  Be polite 21:03 19 Feb 2003

We don't have Xp on our PC's as we are mere partisans. However will give PCAnywhere and laplink a tug.

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