Fixing a CDRom

  uskfisherman 19:42 20 Aug 2004

This is an assembly problem.I want to put a CDRW into a desktop PF (Fujitsu) and find that the cradle requires two sliders(one each side) to be fixed to the CD unit itself, the unit them simply slides in and clips into cradle. Does any one know where I can obtain some of these slides. I have asked around locally without sucess. Regards.

  Gongoozler 19:55 20 Aug 2004

I think you'll find that the slides are proprietary to the case. When I had this problem, I cobbled a bracket out of bits of wood, double sided sticky tape and hot-melt glue. Alternatively a new case may be the easiest solution.

  Terry Brown 20:01 20 Aug 2004

Have you tried contacting a specalist store (like Maplin)and see if there is a kit available

  Totally-braindead 20:05 20 Aug 2004

The only place I think you might be able to get them would be a computer fair if theres one near you. Alternatively just do as Gongoozler has suggested and make up a frame, I did do this once with a friends computer and it really is very easy, I used the metal bits you punch out of the PC case to install the drive but you can use anything really as long as its metal, meccano would be perfect if you know someone who has some lying about. Just make sure that its properly secured with either self tapping screws or bolts and make sure its rigid and can't move about.

  uskfisherman 20:08 20 Aug 2004

Thanks Gong and Terry. I have been thinking of Maplins. There is one in Cardiff but it is not all that big. I think I need someone who breaks up PCs and keeps bits and pieces. I will need to give some thought to a new case I think. Kind Regards

  woodchip 20:11 20 Aug 2004

For what they do! That is there is no weight to carry, and they should not be any movement so Why not use a old Cadbury’s Roses tin and make one with a pair of scissors

  uskfisherman 20:13 20 Aug 2004

Since posting a reply I have received help from Totally BHead, which has given me some ideas to work on. We used to have Fairs near me but they were closed by Trading Standards because of the illegal copying etc going on! Thanks for your help.

  uskfisherman 20:16 20 Aug 2004

The replies are coming in thick and fast. Iam certain I can get somewhere with all your helpful suggestions. Thanks.

  uskfisherman 20:22 20 Aug 2004

Thanks Woodchip. I am certain with all the help I have received I should be able to fix my problem. Again many thanks to all.

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