Fixed rate broadband ???

  MarvintheAndroid 19:05 05 Aug 2008

Which ISPs out there will offer me a I meg FIXED speed broadband connection for reasonable money ? I am fed up to the back teeth with ADSL Max.

Samknows data :
Exchange :Westbury On Severn, Gloucestershire
ADSL available : BT Wholesale
LLU : No
ADSL Max :Yes
Standard ADSL RAG Results :Line will support up to 2Mbps or more.


  skidzy 20:18 05 Aug 2008

Hi Marv

I can only comment on Orange previously known as Freeserve and Wanadoo.

Ive been with orange for a number of years now,from dialup to now upto 8MB.

Never have i received 8MB but do get between 6-7 on a regular basis.

I know Orange has its doubters,but ive never had any major issues...maybe the odd time when they update there server.

Cost to me is not important as long as its reasonable and i get the service i pay for.

Just an idea for you click here

  MarvintheAndroid 21:43 05 Aug 2008

Yes, but do they offer fixed speed ? ADSL MAx is pants where I live.


  skidzy 21:52 05 Aug 2008

have you contacted BT and asked them if possible to have a fixed speed connection ?

Interesting and may well be your next port of call (BT) click here

  RobCharles1981 22:24 05 Aug 2008

Hi Marvin before you snoop around check out the isp ratings on the dslzoneuk

click here

First off what Modem do you have?? Your line stats would prove very useful it will enable me and us to find out what speed you can get see the link below on what you can get.

click here

From what you say you can't get no LLU then I would like to recommend you an Entanet Reseller such as ADSL24, Falconnet, TitanADSL, ect

For £19.99 a month 1 Month Contacts, No Port blocking or Traffic Shaping 30/300 of usage allowance a month, UK Based Support from either Enta Reseller who KNOW what they are on about you also get 8meg max broadband speed.

If you want a personal and professional service join ADSL24 or Falconnet or TitanADSL as I have suggested you will not be disappointed

What more can I ask??

  MarvintheAndroid 23:57 05 Aug 2008

The problem I have is my line. It will only support around 1400 - 1600 Kbps (of throughput) absolute maximum, and I know from previous ISPs that when I have a fixed one meg connection I can get rock steady download speeds of 900-1000 Kbps day in day out.

And frankly, for 1 measly meg, I don't want to spend any more than I have to.

Unfortunately when I use ADSL Max, it is always trying to increase the rate - so for example at the moment it is "connected" at 2200 Kbps but I am only getting around 125. No, that ain't a spello.

OK, for a small amount of the time it will go above 1 meg - with actual throughput perhaps as high as 1400 - 1600 on a really good day - but that little boost isn't as important to me as the much greater amount of time when it drops to around 125 - 150.

That's why I want a fixed speed connection - coz I know from bitter experience that it works. Unfortunately, not many ISPs are willing to turn back the clock, and instead spend half their life telling me it can't be done !!

I always thought that progress was supposed to move you forwards. Come on guys, there must be an ISP out there somewhere that still believes that the customer is always right LOL.


  MarvintheAndroid 00:05 06 Aug 2008

Router DLink DSL524T.

Stats : ADSL Status

ADSL Firmware Version: - - Annex A - 01.07.2b - 0.54
ADSL Software Version: V3.00B01T02.UK-A.20060621
Line State Connected
Modulation ADSL_G.dmt
Annex Mode Annex A
Max Tx Power -38 dBm/Hz

Item Downstream Upstream Unit
SNR Margin 8 17 dB
Line Attenuation 54 31 dB
Data Rate 2208 448 kbps

And this is what PCPitstop reported a few seconds ago :
Download Speed: 133 kbps (16.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 361 kbps (45.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 34 ms


  RobCharles1981 00:07 06 Aug 2008


Can you post your line stats please???

  RobCharles1981 10:14 06 Aug 2008

Right I had a word with a member from the dslzoneuk and he told me to tell you to:

Check Your Wiring to improve your speed:
click here

Also try another router the Dlink's sound very iffy to me, get something like a NetGear DG834 Router.

  MarvintheAndroid 21:33 06 Aug 2008

Hi Rob

I am set up as per example one - master socket with no extensions. Filter plugged into master socket. Router and phone plugged into filter. Distance from router to mater socket approx 6 ft.

What router do you guys recommend ?

The annoying thing is that 3 weeks ago I was on Virgin fixed rate connection (via BT) and had no problems at all with the connection. Pity the email didn't work or I wouldn't have left....


  Dipso 21:39 06 Aug 2008

I wouldn't advise the DG834/G unless it's v3 or later. A Speedtouch 546/585 would probably be a good bet here, only £13.99 plus postage from
click here

Borrowing a mates router would be a good cost free alternative.

For what it's worth, you should be able to achieve 4-4.5 Meg from your line.

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