Fix without CD

  chelseabluekat 15:30 18 Sep 2004



Hello again, does anyone know in simple language how to repair this without the CD? (none when I bought PC)

  powerless 15:38 18 Sep 2004

Tell us the rest of the story.

  chelseabluekat 15:53 18 Sep 2004

Cleared trojan horse, did this cause a problem?

  chelseabluekat 15:58 18 Sep 2004

Installed windows XP2 recently?

  johnnyrocker 16:13 18 Sep 2004

nuff said;) is your office version legit? (not wishing to cause offence) you might try and click here see if that will help or maybe system restore also click here and see if you have anything on their list of progs that need modifying with SP2


  Gaz W 18:56 18 Sep 2004

It's probably more likely that the trojan horse replaced a Microsoft Office file, rather than the Office file itself (legit or otherwise) being to blame. Although if you don't have the disc, maybe it isn't a legitimate copy. Anyway, the way I read your question is that you want the file "C:\program files\microsoft office\office11\1033\setup.chm" back as it isn't present now...

Am I right to assume that it's maybe stored (compressed) in the SKU112.CAB file?

If so, the only way to get it back is to extract it from that CAB file, and if it's an Office thing it might only be on the CD. You can of course search for the file on your hard disk (Office sometimes puts files on your hard disk for repair purposes) and if you find it, you can open it using WinZip or (if you have XP) Compressed Folders, and extract the file you need (setup.chm) to "C:\program files\microsoft office\office11\1033\"

No offence but I noticed a few spelling mistakes in the "Program Files" path - make sure you get it right when extracting it - or browse to that location or it still won't work....

Of course I could be talking complete rubbish and this might not be what you're after at all, but that should work if it's your problem.

Also I think Office does have a detect and repair facility but it depends on which version of Office you have. I hardly ever use it since I do most things the hard way!

Anyway hope that's of some help & not just confusing/wrong!

  chelseabluekat 10:51 20 Sep 2004

Come on you guys, I bought the whole system from PC world for £1800, got the receipt, all the data was loaded!!! I have a boot disk for the whole system that's all.

The PC worked fine till I had a Trojan invasion!!! And loaded SP2. Thanks for your help anyway, I'll try this stuff tonight when I get home

  plsndrs3 15:21 20 Sep 2004

Can you restore to factory settings - i.e. get the PC back to the programs as loaded when you bought it? Be careful that you back up any important docs and be aware that you will have to re-install all software loaded since you got it as you will lose all these - unless the recovery disk has a repair option [some do, some don't], Who's the manufacturer?

Never bought from PC World, so can't advise for certain - sorry.


  Noleg24 15:32 20 Sep 2004

to be honest and I dont mean to be too horrible but PC World are too known for this and so are other PC companies like them (Tiny, Time) thats why you can only take your PC back to them to get it sorted. and you spent £1800?!?!?! I could have built a more decent and stable machine for at least half that and with the latest protection too!...unless its a laptop then thats first things first...try restoring to factory settings..if you dont have a CD why would they give you a PC? have you been back to PC world and had a word with them? if not I would have a word with them...just out of curiousity which CDs did you get from them when you purchased your PC?

  chelseabluekat 15:34 20 Sep 2004

I was hoping to avoid having to do this, which is why I've been asking for any other options, the repair function sounds great if my system has it?

It was working perfectly before the 'invasion', and I think Gaz W above is correct in what he diagnosed, because other sections have been taken by Trojans, and those I've manged to restore in various ways.

The add/remove programs had the same problem and I couldn't update the virus software, managed to get that fixed and kill all the others that invaded

  colberly 15:37 20 Sep 2004

No help here, but PCW do sell Pc's with systems preloaded and no CD just a floppy recovery disc which will take the PC back to factory settings.

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