Fix for slow internet connection..?

  awest3 15:14 01 Jun 2007

This seems strange but, I was having problems with my daughters connection to the internet (BT Connect) ..the PC was working fine but the connection to the internet was unusable. I went through all the usual, router, sky connection, al with no result. I had recently put on Norton internet 2007, and knowing the problems this can cause removed it with the norton removal tool. This seemed to make a difference for a few days all was well. Then it started again...I downloaded all sorts of spyware / anti virus stuff to my PC and loaded them onto problems found.! We did all sorts of other checks to no avail..She rang today to say she had fixed the problem..It appears that having 5741 or whatever is the BT answer machine number on her house phone had caused the problem. She rarely uses the landline and a number of messages had built up and were interfering with the connection.Once she had deleted all the messages the connection was back to normal....Am I dreaming or is this coreect..has anybody else heard of this..? I've not seen any mention and I've looked all at lots of posts recently... Glad if anyone can shed light on this.


  birdface 15:38 01 Jun 2007

Probably correct,One chap on here with something like the same problem.It was his digital house phone,He found out it was the batterie's on the phone that were needing replaced,And hey presto changed the batteries and no further problems.

  daxian 15:49 01 Jun 2007

hi awest3...
have seen this problem a few times myself ,normally on dial up connections ,also on a few occasions unable to get an internet connection at all ,dial up again ,till i found out the person was ex directory.
which meant the isp was unable to verify the phone number ...when the messaging service is used it changes the dial tone to alert the user that there are messages, consequently the modem sees this as interferance on the line ....Dave

  Stuartli 16:21 01 Jun 2007

I had the same problem once when trying to install a dialup modem for an elderly friend.

I couldn't get the modem to work at his home using an extension cable to his upstairs study room, yet it worked perfectly when I took his system home to continue working on it.

Eventually, after several attempts over several days checking and rechecking the drivers and modem configuration, I asked him to get hold of a extension phone.

When it was connected to the extension lead, the phone's dial tone rose and fell at quite a high sound level.

Turned out that although he had an answering machine he still had the 1571 service active - as a result, because the messages had not been deleted (the reason for the rise and fall dial tone), the modem couldn't pick up the dialing tone.

Once they were deleted, the dialup modem connected straight away.

Very frustrating at the time..:-((

  Cymro. 16:22 01 Jun 2007

I have the B.T. 1571 answering service and it has never caused me any problems.

  awest3 17:06 01 Jun 2007

Thanks for your least I'm not going mad..... I find it strange that I could not find this 'fix' in any of the posts and I've read quite a few now....anyway I shall put this one into my things to check 'checklist' for the future..thanks for your replies..I find it brilliant that so many like minded people are willing to help out on these problems...Thanks again. Al

  tullie 17:21 01 Jun 2007

I wouldent have thought that 1571 was a problem with broadband?,It not with mine,doesent the filter take care of this?

  Dipso 22:41 01 Jun 2007

I didn't think awest3 confirmed whether it was broadband...but would be interesting to know either way.

  Alf58 23:09 01 Jun 2007

Same thing happened to me when I had dial up internet. If there is a message with 1571 you get a pulsing dial tone which makes a dial up connection unusable. Shouldnt affect broadband though.

  awest3 06:41 02 Jun 2007

Hi Folks,
The connection is broadband BT only hapens if you have an amount of mesaages built up via the 1571 BT answer machine service.


  BT 07:55 02 Jun 2007

The 'pulsing' Dial tone is the same on NTL/Virgin if you have the 1571 Voicemail sevice. They specifically tell you to collect your messages BEFORE you connect to the internet.

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