Fix-it Utilities 7.0

  Hercules02 23:23 12 Jul 2008

I tried to install this software, and at the end of the registration process, I wasnt given a code and I couldnt complete the installation.
I tried to go through the process again, but it bypasses the registration process altogether. What can I do ?

  Graham. 23:27 12 Jul 2008

Why do you think you need it? Installing 3rd party software is not always the answer.

  Hercules02 00:15 13 Jul 2008

my PC has been giving me problems - running very slow and sometimes hanging altogether. This software sounded as if it my be able to identify the cause.

  ambra4 00:22 13 Jul 2008
  rdave13 00:34 13 Jul 2008

Better off running superantispyware in safemode.
click here
Download the free version, update and reboot to safemode. Run SAS.

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