Fix for getting Netgear WPN 111 USB working

  hutson307 21:05 19 Sep 2009


I came up with the following fix, based on some info on the netgear forum.

1. Forget about actually using the Netgear smart wizard on the install CD and trust the inbuilt XP detect new hardware software.

2. Install the Netgear Software from the supplied CD, then copy the contents of the extracted Netgear folder to another location on the computer.

3. Put the WPN111 adapter in a USB slot restart the computer and let the WIndows XP (Professional SP2) find the new hardware. Then manually point it to the copy of the Netgear extracted driver.

4. After this the XP software detects the device and reports available networks and allows you to connect after entering a WPA2 key

5. Finally install the following microsoft update
to get internet explorer 8 working

Update for Windows XP (KB893357)
Brief Description
This update to Windows XP provides support for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2), which is the latest standards-based wireless security solution derived from the IEEE 802.11i standard.

Note: By the way I could not register on the Netgear forum as its series of registering questions was equally frustrating as the dodgy smart wizard


Hutson 307

  bremner 21:08 19 Sep 2009

I have never needed a "fix" on any of my Windows computers on which I have used the WPN111.

Is this a problem you have had?

  hutson307 21:10 19 Sep 2009

I forgot to add after installing and copying the Netgear folder I uninstalled the netgear software this is the step between no2 and 3 on my previous post

  hutson307 21:17 19 Sep 2009


I have always found netgear wireless products excellent until this experience. The software in the WPN824 router that came bundled with the WPN 111 also has some problems. When login in it offered me the opportunity to upgrade the firmware which I took. As a result the system now things that it registered in the USA and will only broadcast on channel 6. So in conclusion this is the first problem I have had with Netgear and I think there hardware is excellent but the software on this occasion is not working as expected.



  woodchip 22:55 19 Sep 2009

Go top Netgear Site and download the latest Firmware for UK

  woodchip 23:00 19 Sep 2009

Look click here.

  bremner 10:38 20 Sep 2009

It would have been much better if you had listed your problem and then explained the solution that worked for you.

You say "The software in the WPN824 router that came bundled with the WPN 111 also has some problems" what problems?

If you had version 1 of the software then v2.1 is now available on the Website.

With Firmware updates I have found that the old maxim of if it ain't broke don't fix it often applies.

  hutson307 13:38 20 Sep 2009



My reasons for posting my advise was I found a solution to my problems and my system is now connecting automatically at 108 mps so I am now happy and will leave it alone until something goes wrong. When I rebuild my next pc upgrade I will try and install the WPN111 with the latest drivers (which I have already tried unsuccessfully). I guess what this problem highlighs is that every pc configuration can be slightly different and I have a combination that netgear have not evaluated. Hopefully my "fix" will help someone who has a pc configuartion issue similar to mine. I am going to try and repost a message on the Netgear forum. If you look on google a lot of people have had problems with the WPN111. I am not going to add any more comments to this issue so by for now


Ceng, MIET

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