Five seperate posts no anaweers

  blazingbadger 21:25 24 Oct 2009

Do you have to be part of a club to get a simple question on here it seems every time I ask about Rebooting my computer from disk the question is deleted all I ask is why cant i re install from my backup disks it tells me hit F12 no bootable device found same if i try to put back on to my system XP PRO and before any one asks Vista is (!*)! . Plain and simple answers please

  mfletch 21:32 24 Oct 2009

Are the back-up discs iso they have to be burned as a iso image

  iscanut 21:33 24 Oct 2009

Sarcasm will get you nowhere ! Are you saying that your postings do not appear on this forum when you post them.

  blazingbadger 21:38 24 Oct 2009

mfletch no they are a direct burn from ACER factory back up and the XP Pro disk is an Engineers disk with code

iscanut they are removed within minutes of posting

  User-312386 21:51 24 Oct 2009

I think what you are trying to ask is to completly wipe the hard drive and reload windows?

If it is you have to set the BIOS to boot from DVD/CD drive - to do this start the computer and start tapping the Delete key and when in the BIOS change first boot to your dvd/cd drive. Now click save and exit. Pop your disc in and you should then have the disc booting to reload/install windows


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:08 24 Oct 2009

why cant i re install from my backup disks it tells me hit F12 no bootable device found

REset bios to boot from CD drive as first boot device IT looks like your HD drives are not being detected

  rdave13 23:47 24 Oct 2009

Not sure why you talk of Vista being ' (!*)!' if you are reinstalling to factory settings if you originally had XP?
Start the computer so you can put the restore CDs/DVDs in the tray. When allowed then reboot and press any key to boot from CD/DVD drive.
Follow instructions.
If I've missed the point here please enlighten me.

  woodchip 00:03 25 Oct 2009

Two things that may get it going.
1 Do you have to press a key to boot from the backup discs? it does on my HP laptop

2 you could use the XP Pro disc to do a Repair, this would not wipe your files, it only over writes the Operating System.

If BIOS is Set to boot from CD DVD as first boot Device Hard Drive set as second boot Device, you then Start up with the XP Pro CD in the Drive then choose Setup after its done loading files, it checks the disc for a Operating system and will show you that its already got XP on the Computer, click on the one it finds to select it then press R this will start the Repair

  morddwyd 08:10 25 Oct 2009

You're now getting some help with your operating problem, regarding your deleted posts, have you tried contacting the Forum Editor?

Unless you used intemperate language I cant see a post of this nature offending forum rules.

He is normally quite tolerant before using the "silver mouse".

  Forum Editor 08:33 25 Oct 2009

You have been posting multiple threads about the same problem - that's why they have been deleted.

If you don't get a response the first time do not keep repeatedly posting new threads - that's not the way it works. Wait for a while, and if your problem attracts no responses bring the thread to the top of the list by posting the word 'bump' or 'refresh' to it. Only do this once - if you still don't have any responses it means there's nobody on-line who can suggest a solution.

  sharpamat 09:04 25 Oct 2009

I see the FE has responded to reasons why they were deleated, another reason why people dont respond is often there is no information to enable them to do so

rdave13 has given you the information to restore to factory settings. unless your restore discs have been damaged.( you can buy new ones from Acer) You will lose all data and programs other than what was on the original systerm.

When you boot with disc 1 in the drive watch the screen closely the prompts for the next step are very quick

If XP pro was supplied with your system

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