fitting Wi Fi on a laptop,how's it done?

  bigboab y 12:02 07 Mar 2005

Just got my first laptop (second hand but works fine).How can I fit a Wi Fi card into it and what's the best gear to buy?.Been used to farting about with desktops,but lappies are a bit of a mystery. Any advice gratefully received.

  TomJerry 12:15 07 Mar 2005

just insert card, you can get the card for under £20

alternatively get a usb wireless adaptor, plug in a usb port

  medicine hat 12:17 07 Mar 2005
  bigboab y 13:20 07 Mar 2005

Usual swift replies..cheers for that.. soooo I plug in the PC card..I will be getting broadband fitted soon .....(probably Wanadoo)... what do I need to "talk" to the broadband modem from anywhere in the house. I've got one of them houses where peace and quiet is not easily found!.We are talking possibly from the attic, or even the garden shed.Does the b/band modem need to be a certain type?

  T0SH 13:34 07 Mar 2005

A wireless modem router would get you where you want to be

Cheers HC

  bigboab y 13:43 07 Mar 2005

So to sum up .. (ok I'm thick .. cant help it) I slide the Pc wireless card into the laptop..THEN plug the broadband modem into the wireless router..THEN plug the router into the wall socket.. I can now access the internet without trailing cables... or have I got this all wrong.?
Will just fitting the wireless card into the laptop let me pick up WIFI hotspots outdoors?
Sooo many questions .. so little time :-)

  TomJerry 14:28 07 Mar 2005

for your setup

you need to get a wireless router with build-in adsl modem. Wanadoo may have one, but cost will not be attractive

what you need is:

D-Link DSL-G604T 54Mbp Wireless ADSL Router w/DWL-G122 USB Adapter £66.08 click here

usb wireless adaptor can be used with laptop

if you do not want something stick out, you can ask if broadbandbuyer can replace it with a PCMCIA card in the package deal

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