Fitting Two DVD Writers?

  shaduf 21:36 19 May 2004

My Fujitsu-Siemens P4 2.2 computer came equipped with a DVD Rom/CD Rewriter.
Last year I fitted a Sony 500 DVD Rewriter and set this as a slave drive to the DVD ROM. This worked satisfactory but as I now have two set top Panasonic DVD Recorders I decided I needed a DVD Writer able to use DVD RAM.

I have bought an LG 4082 Multiwriter and replaced the Sony with this at the moment.

Could I use two DVD Writers on the same cable.
I would like to use the Sony DVD Writer set as master and the LG DVD Writer set as slave.

The point of using the two DVD Drives is to enable the copying of home movies and TV programmes from DVD R to DVD R or DVD RAM.

Thanks in anticipation.


  billyliv 00:25 20 May 2004

Hi, I cant see any problem as the two drives are separate entities. You will still be able to Write to, Drag to, Copy to and Save to. I have 6 Hard drives on my machine with no conflicts. Cheers, Bill

  Djohn 00:31 20 May 2004

Agree with billyliv. There will not be a problem. Remember to set the jumpers on the rear of drives as master or slave and connect to the IDE cable accordingly.

IE: Slave drive to the middle and master drive to the end of the cable.
You can also set both drives to CS [Cable select] and your PC will know which is which. j.

  Night Ryder 00:50 20 May 2004

Sorry to disagree but the most efficient way of operating two IDE devices of theis type is to have them on sepparate IDE interfaces. To have both on the same interface may cause the drives to slow down or even fail to write properly as one will influence the speed of the other. You will certainly find that the system drive will be restricted speed when on the same interface as one of these drives.

  Sir Radfordin 08:51 20 May 2004

I thought that it didn't matter on newer IDE devices if different speeds were connected as it wouldn't reduce the speed they were working at.

The other option would be to fit a PCI IDE card to give you additional IDE interfaces. You shouldn't be putting optical drives on the same IDE channel as the hard drives.

  Djohn 14:58 20 May 2004

Sorry to disagree but it will make no difference at all.

Since the introduction of 80 strand cables all drives will run at their respective speeds with neither placing any influence on the other whatsoever.

This applies to optical drives and Hard drives or any mix of the two. The system drive [Usually the C: drive] will not be affected in it's speed of operation or transfer of data even with a slower drive or an optical drive connected to the same IDE cable.

This principle has been correct for at least the past eighteen months, in some case longer than this.

Regards. j.

  SEASHANTY 15:28 20 May 2004

What model numbers are the two set top Panasonics?

  shaduf 21:40 20 May 2004

Thanks for the response – if a little contradictory.

Just to clarify a point.

My System Drive (C) is on one cable with my second hard drive (D).
Set as Master and Slave. Obviously no problems.

On the other cable at the moment I have a DVD Rom Drive as (E) and a DVD Writer as (F).
Again set as Master & Slave. I want to replace the DVD Rom with a second DVD Writer.

I have a Panasonic DRM100 in the Lounge and a Panasonic HS2 in the Kitchen. I used to use Pinnacle Studio to edit my home movies and write to DVD via the Sony drive. I got so brassed off going to bed and waking in the morning to find the DVD had failed to complete for a variety of reasons and continually making coasters. The Panasonics are superb domestically and I can’t fault them. I now use Studio 9 to edit my DV video then output it back to camera. Then input it to the Pana DRM100 via Firewire and burn a DVD. Have not had a single failure and the quality is fine.

The aim of fitting the second DVD writer is to be able to copy from DVD Ram discs made by the Panas into the PC. I haven’t figured out yet how to get DVD Ram onto the PC in an editable way but one problem at a time I think.

Thanks to all for your interest and advice.


  SEASHANTY 10:14 21 May 2004

Thanks for the info. I see that Techtronics still have some ex demo Panasonic HS2 machines (limited stock) at £430.
click here
It doesn't seem like much of a bargain though now considering Digital-point are offering the new model
Panasonic MultiRegion DVD recorder with additional 80GB hard drive for £449, free delivery within 48 hours of order by City Link carrier.
click here
Must admit this DMR-E85H machine is excellent. I ordered it at 1630 last Sunday (15th) and it arrived on Tuesday (17th) at 1410 by City Link. Birmingham to Gtr. Manchester. Excellent Service.

  Djohn 11:49 21 May 2004

Sorry for the confusion that has been caused but I assure you there will be no problems with having 2 DVD writers connected to the same IDE cable, also the fact your hard drives, master and slave are connected to the same cable will work at their respective speeds and not have any affect on the other.

Although it would not be the conventional way of doing things you could even set up as follows and it will work fine.

Hard drive C: Master and one optical drive to the master channel of your mother board on the same cable.

Hard drive D: Slave and one optical drive to the secondary channel of your mother board on the same cable.

Regards j.

  SEASHANTY 12:30 21 May 2004

If you intend using the LG GSA-4082B drives in the PC for working with DVD-RAM there is a COMMENT by
R. Greenwood on the Microdirect description page for this drive which states that you need the LG software for utilising the DVD-RAM capabilities with this drive and to note that the OEM model is sold without this software.
click here
I presume that your other Panasonic standalone should be the DMR-E100 not DRM100.

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