Fitting second HDD - cable?

  badgery 04:47 13 Feb 2007

Got a new desktop and want to fit a Maxtor6Y120PO that was in my previous box (fitted as slave in there), into the new computer.
Fits into cage OK, but the new computer's HDD does not have the same cable - it has a red 'thin' cable as opposed to the 'grey ribbon'.
This means I cannot connect the Maxtor in the normal way using the grey cable, so do I buy a length of grey cable and connect the Maxtor direct to the board?
I can see a spare blue coloured connector on the MB that I assume is suitable to take the Maxtor cable connector.
If this is correct and I can connect this way should the Maxtor be left as a 'slave'?

  skidzy 06:57 13 Feb 2007

Sounds like your new computer has a sata drive and the old drive being ide.

  bennyhillslovechild 07:16 13 Feb 2007

Yes, you should be able to connect the older harddrive to the board using an IDE cable. If you are planning on using it as a slave drive, which would be best, as the newer drive's SATA interface is allegedlly faster, you may need to check that the BIOS is set to boot from the SATA devices first. When I put an old IDE drive in my PC it kept trying to boot from it.

  badgery 09:24 13 Feb 2007

Thanks, guys, it is a Sata drive in the new one.I am intending the Maxtor to be a slave, so I will check the BIOS as you say.
Thanks again.

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