Fitting a second Hard Drive

  Tycho 11:17 07 Jan 2005

I have just received a 120GB HDD from Novatech which I have bought as an insurance policy for my rather aging computer (7 years). It will be take up residence with the original 9.6GB HD.

When I say that I received the HD that is precisely what I mean. Apart from the junk mail there was nothing else. Not a screw, not a cable, not a fitting instruction. Now I am prepared to belive that there might be a set of screws already in the machine and there might be an accessible socket on a ribbon cable already present but I would have thought that some instructions would have been a good thing.

I am about to check the Novatech site to see if I can find anything to help there...

Any hints will be gratefully received.


  TomJerry 11:23 07 Jan 2005

it is OEM version, so cheap and no extra, connection cable should be inside the case, even not you can buy them from ebuyer very cheaply

as for instruction, you can go to manufacturer's website and hunt for it

  bluesbrother 11:28 07 Jan 2005

Have a look here click here

  Tycho 12:23 07 Jan 2005

Please would you check that I have the correct order of work. I propose to:

1. Physically fit the new drive setting the jumpers to slave. Not sure about this though.
2. Run Maxblast to set the max size of HD partition to a value greater than 120GB (the new drive is 120GB)
3. Format the new HD using Partition Magic already installed on the old 9.6GB drive.
4. Partition the new drive (Using Partion Magic). I have not yet decided what the partitions should be. Suggestions? I already have the 9.6GB drive partitioned into C: for the OS (W2K) D: for programs and E: for my files.
5. I would then like to move all of the data from the old HD to the new and use the old HD as backup. Don't know how to do this yet.

Is this a reasonable plan?

  Tycho 15:24 07 Jan 2005

I opened up the cover and discovered the following:

1. No spare IDE connector :-(. I had used the spare fitting a CD RW srive a few years ago.

2. The old HD and the CD RW are connected to the primary IDE socket on the mobo the CD drive is connected to the secondary IDE drive on the mother board.

Obviously I need another connector but there is a number of possibilities:

a) I could put a third connector on the ribbon lead that is connected to the old HD and the CDRW.
b) I could put a second connector on the ribbon that connects the CD.

I am getting steadily more confused!


  ACOLYTE 15:30 07 Jan 2005

There should be 2 IDE conectors on the mobo and you should have 2 IDE ribbon cables,so connect both cd drivers to one cable and hard dries to the other set what ever hard drive you wont as master and the other as slave by the jumpers on the back of the drives,do the same with the cd drives,although i suggest having the cd/rw drive as master,as for the screws if you have 4 screws in each drive take 1 from each and screw at alternate ends of new drive one front left one back right this should hold it in place good enough.

  Tycho 15:39 07 Jan 2005

I will do that as soon as I have another connector to clamp to the ribbon cable which has only a connector on each end rather than one in the middle as well.

I might just disconnect the CD drive until I have acquired the new connector.

What I need to do now is find the software that will transfer the data from the 9.6GB old drive to the new one. Will Acronis do the job?

  ACOLYTE 15:48 07 Jan 2005

Tycho, I'm afraid i cant help you with that bit I'm more of a hands on sort,lol but there is plenty that can ,and this will keep the post at the top.

  TomJerry 15:50 07 Jan 2005

HDD manufacturers have good software on their web site

by the way, if you have two heads connector, you should set both HDD Jump as CS (cable select) not master or slave.

  bri-an 16:03 07 Jan 2005


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:09 07 Jan 2005

Cable select only works if the motherboard Bios is capable. (Ageing computer 7 yrs?)

Probably better to set it as slave. Video and info at Fit 2nd HDD
click here
click here

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