Fitting new SSD HDD

  RussB78 14:56 04 Aug 2011

Hi all, I will be fitting this drive as the system drive sometime tomorrow and just wondered if I can use a recent Acronis Backup to get it up and running, or is there a bit more to it than I thought.

The drive I have bought is the Vertex 2 60GB but the backups that I have are from the 92GB partition that I have at the moment, will Acronis adjust thye Backup to the size of the New Drive ok.

Many thanks for any help.


  RussB78 16:02 04 Aug 2011

No one?

  retep888™ 16:08 04 Aug 2011

Yes, you can

Resize Partitions during Restore to Larger/Smaller Hard Drive using Acronis TrueImage click here

provided the partition used on the original larger HDD is less than the SSD after formatted i.e. roughly 56GB.

If the data partition used is greater than that then you may have to move some data/files to somewhere first.

  gengiscant 16:23 04 Aug 2011

I would advise to do a fresh install of Windows, I am assuming that you are using 7.Then before you install your programs, your libraries to another drive and just keep your SSD for OS and programs, everything else put on another drive.

Here's a few tweaks that you also might like to do: SSD tweaks and also from OCZ: OCZ SSD

  sunnystaines 16:25 04 Aug 2011

remember to set the "TRIM" command if using w7 for SSD's

  RussB78 19:08 04 Aug 2011

Many thanks for all the advice, I only want to put the OS Windows 7 and installed Programs onto the new drive, the partition size on my old disk is 92GB and it only has Windows 7 and a few programs on it that total up to 28GB the rest of the partition is empty. So if all goes well I should still have plenty of room to play with on the new drive.

I have moved an OS before, but that was like 20 years ago and not to anything like this SSD, I guess it`s that drive that was worrying me.

Thanks a lot for all your help, it is very much appreciated.


  RussB78 19:25 05 Aug 2011

Hi all,

Well I finished up installing Windows-7 from scratch on this new SSD but I can`t really see that much difference between the new drive and the one that I was useing before.

Could someone tell me how to find and set this TRIM command that suunystaines mentioned, maybe that will make some difference.

Many Thanks for your help.


  sunnystaines 19:27 05 Aug 2011


explains all you need to know

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