fitting new sata hdd

  grandadfred 09:38 03 May 2007

I am running xp home. I am replacing the only hdd because the original has failed. When I run the original recovery cd it gets to " setup is starting windows " and then says "setup did not find hard disk drives installed in your computer" The old and new discs are both sata. Is there something I have to do to the new disc before fitting? Should it work straight from the box ? Is my new drive a dud ? Your help would be much appreciated.

  johndrew 13:55 03 May 2007

I presume you are using a 7 pin connector to the drive and are certain it is connected properly. Sometimes they can be a little fiddly as can the data connector; this latter should give a small click as it engages.

When you replaced the drive, did you connect to the same point on the motherboard as the original drive was connected to?

When you turn the PC on, can you hear the drive running?

You may also get a BIOS screen which tells you that drives have been detected; do you see this?

  Diemmess 15:50 03 May 2007

As no expert, in fact awaiting delivery of a new box with my first SATA HD.
While very different under the bonnet they should behave the same way when seen on the monitor.

If so, and your replacement HD is straight from the box, it must be formatted first.

There's the catch. You are presumbbly going to do a fresh install.
If you have the Windows XP CD then it is straightforward and will format the HD for you.

If you have only the recovery CD this may not be enough to start from scratch.

  Carpigiani 16:17 03 May 2007

You may need to download the SATA drivers from your motherboard manufacturers website, unzip them to a floppy disc & install these while installing XP.

I also agree with Diemmess in that a Recovery CD will probably not have all the files necessary for a fresh install of Windows onto a new HDD.

  grandadfred 17:02 03 May 2007

I have tried the xp cd and end up with the same message....did not find hard disk drives. I am using the same cables and connectors as for the original sata. If I connect the old sata then it is detected and the installation continues. The new hdd is twice the capacity of the old, if that makes any difference.

  skidzy 19:59 03 May 2007
  grandadfred 21:10 03 May 2007

The sata drivers are working okay with the original disk when I install it. Do you think these drivers would not work for the new disk ? It seems logical to me but then I don't relish the idea of working my way thru making a floppy. I would probably have to call in an expert, at great expense.

  skidzy 21:30 03 May 2007

Have you tried formatting the drive first before the install,though a fresh install would normally do this for you.

  grandadfred 08:52 04 May 2007

I have tried doing a fresh install but since the drive is not detected, I can't do formatting. Unless of course there is another way of doing this. So far no one has suggested that the new drive might be a dud. What are the chances of this being the case ?

  skidzy 14:50 04 May 2007

How about using a sata caddy to format the drive.Have a look on Ebuyer click here

Yes of course it could be a faulty drive.

  grandadfred 16:06 04 May 2007

The expert I employed formatted the disk using the caddy but the drive was not detected.He tried updating the drivers and came to the conclusion that no one should ever use asus motherboards. We believe it will be okay if I get a drive the same size as the original. Thanks for all your contributions anyway.

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