fitting new ram in Dual Xeon HT Core Quad (4)x 3.6GHz New HD545

  jacobjohn7 17:48 14 Mar 2012

i've got 2 more gb of ram(2x1) for this machine.. Dual Xeon HT Core Quad (4)x 3.6GHz New HD545 any help/guidance/links for fitting these?

  KRONOS the First 18:26 14 Mar 2012

You haven't posted the make and model of PC, what you have posted is the processor type and possibly the graphics card. so tricky to give you advice.

  Woolwell 19:06 14 Mar 2012
  KRONOS the First 19:19 14 Mar 2012

So I saw,not much info there either.

  Woolwell 19:54 14 Mar 2012

On that thread I put a link to what I guessed what was the basic system an HP Workstation xw6200 normally used as a server. If that is the system the link also shows a diagram of the motherboard. Where to install the RAM should be fairly obvious but does depend on how the original 2 Gb was configured.

  lotvic 13:12 15 Mar 2012

and on other thread I posted link to crucial video of installing ram.

Here it is again: just click in place

video shows how to fit ram

  Woolwell 14:46 15 Mar 2012

Should have been fitted by now.

  jacobjohn7 15:43 15 Mar 2012

hi, yes thanks for all the info, been down those routes,.. i have located and firmly fitted the memory several times and keep getting 5 beep warning, any other things I can try? I was recommended this memory as compatible by the people I got the comp off. Someone mentioned BIOS on another thread I read... but if this is relevant don't know what to do with it etc. thanks for info. john

  jacobjohn7 15:45 15 Mar 2012

one more detail is the two occupied ram slots are black, and the two spare ones are white? would this be off any note, or just a colour/difference/brand etc and of no issue?

  KRONOS the First 16:48 15 Mar 2012

Still have not mentioned what make model PC it is,you just mention the CPU. I did ask earlier. If i knew what motherboard you had it would be easier to advise.

  Woolwell 17:14 15 Mar 2012

It would also help if you mentioned what type of extra RAM you got.

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