Fitting new psu and graphics card

  DJfree33 14:39 28 Jul 2007

I've just bought a new graphics card click here and this PSU click here
and am about to fit them, this is my first time changing a PSU and the instructions are a little vague for me, any help and advise would be great, last thing i want to do is get it wrong.

My system is:
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3400+,
MSI K8MM-ILSR motherboard,
1024mb DDR memory,
200gb serial ATA hard disk,
os: XP

  Totally-braindead 14:55 28 Jul 2007

Don't be too concerned about fitting the power supply wrongly, you can't unless you somehow manage to mangle the connectors out of all recognition. All the connectors are handed in that they fit only one way. Just look at what is connected to your previous power supply and fit the same cables with your new power supply, watch you don't forget any of them and that you don't accidently knock any others out of the way and all should be well.
Do the power supply first, make sure all is well and then do the graphics card.

  DJfree33 15:03 28 Jul 2007

ok Totally-braindead, will give it a go, got my wifes laptop if all goes wrong and need help.

  Totally-braindead 15:07 28 Jul 2007

If it fails to boot the most likely problems are 1 you haven't switched it on - theres a power switch on the back of it, 2 you've either forgotten to connect a lead or its not in properly or 3 you've knocked off another lead such as a lead to the hard drives or whatever.

You might notice it has a 24 pin power connector, now your PC might only use 20 pins and if so you will find the 4 extra pins will slide off leaving you the 20 pins you need.

  DJfree33 16:39 28 Jul 2007

ok, i'm a little stuck, cant find a manual for my mother board and un sure which cable is for the feed to graphics card click here got a wiring plan for a PCI-e and a SLi.
Have a lead direct from the PSU that looks as it would fit Graphics card but i think this is for a PCI-E card. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  DJfree33 16:40 28 Jul 2007

Also says SLi is for HPU-4x5xx and higher model???

  citadel 17:21 28 Jul 2007

as you only have one card, no need to worry about crossfire or sli. the manual that came with the card should show which connector fits. agp versions normally use molex connectors.

  Totally-braindead 17:34 28 Jul 2007

As citadel correctly points out you only have 1 graphics card so SLI does not apply, and anyway SLI is for Nvidia cards only so even if you had 2 of these cards it wouldn't matter you couldn't use them.
Heres tha manual for your motherboard click here providing I have the correct board as you said it was a K8MM and MSI says its a K8NM?
If you look at the card - I presume theres no manual you can see if theres any other connectors or not, if there is one as citadel also correctly says it will probably be a molex power connector, this is the same connector as goes into your hard drives and cdroms.

  Totally-braindead 17:40 28 Jul 2007

According to the manual which I've just looked at. You need to connect the 20 pin connector to the board as normal, the 4 pin connector you have split off from the 24 pin making it a 20 pin goes into JPW1 to provide power for the CPU. Only other connections should be the molex to your graphics card(if it takes one) and power to your hard drives and cdroms.

  DJfree33 18:36 28 Jul 2007

Thanks alot Totally-braindead and citadel, i,ve connected it al up and am now using it my computer, all looks well, and says temp of graphics card is around 57c and my original problem solved. is there a way of testing or checking every thing is working as it should do,

  Totally-braindead 18:46 28 Jul 2007

Refresh my memory what was the problem before?

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