Fitting a new hard drive with a Ghost Image

  glen2409 18:23 04 Jul 2005


I curently have 2 80 GB hard drives fitted. i use the secondary to mainly store Norton Ghost Images.

I have just bought a new master hard drive, 160 GB. Can I load the image from my secondary hard drive onto my new hard drive without any problems.

I am assumimg I can as I have put an image on the old master before by booting up from the Ghost cd-rom and installing the image.

Thanks for your help

  Mikè 18:29 04 Jul 2005

Yes that's the way it's done, are you going to keep the displaced hdd so that you have three drives?

  glen2409 18:35 04 Jul 2005

Thanks for the reply, it is as simple as that?

I am going to use the old master hard drive to build a new pc.

  Mikè 18:39 04 Jul 2005

Yes it really is easy, I've got Ghost setup to create a new image every day, a bit over the top but then I have plenty of space on my 6 drives.

  glen2409 18:41 04 Jul 2005

6 drives?

I take an image every week or so and have 2 at anytime

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