Fitting a new hard-drive

  Dorkins 06:27 14 Apr 2007

Have been given a 3yr old PC but it doesn't have an hard-drive. I have now purchased a SATA hard-drive and would like to know if it is just a case of fitting it inside the pc's box will everything be alright? Thanks for any help or advice.

  Technotiger 07:02 14 Apr 2007

Hi, a 3yr old pc - make sure it has the necessary SATA requirements as below ...

Desktop PCs are fitted with 3.5-inch drives, which utilise either an IDE or the newer serial ATA (SATA) interface when connecting to the motherboard. All motherboards will have an IDE interface; boards constructed in the past three or so years will also have a SATA interface. Drives using the latter technology are superior and easier to fit. Bear in mind that your PSU will need a SATA power connection. Failing that, you’ll either need to buy a suitable an adaptor or stick to IDE drives.

  Technotiger 07:05 14 Apr 2007

Can you give us full details of the motherboard?

  ICF 07:07 14 Apr 2007

Does your motherboard have SATA connectors? If it has it's easy look at the links below.

click here

click here

  Dorkins 07:53 14 Apr 2007

All i know is that the pc is an HP Media Center, Desktop PC. And that the previous hard drive was a 200GB SATA Hard-Drive. I want to fit an 160GB SATA Hard-Drive as it's all i can afford. I want to install a version of Linux on it so i hope an 160GB Hard-Drive will be sufficient. Thanks for all the help.

  Technotiger 08:09 14 Apr 2007

Right, so you should not have any problems, just follow ICF's links. Cheers.

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