Fitting a new DVD Drive

  Daiol 19:20 20 Sep 2009

Hi,Went to install a new dvd drive in my pc yesterday as the dvd rom had broken down,So i bought a new drive from ebuyer its a dvd/cd writer.
Now i have allready got one dvd writer installed in the top slot,so i installed the new one in the lower slot to replace the broken one.Now upon fitting i noticed on the back of the new drive there were three sets of pins i could not think where to place the small black connector so i placed it in the middle two pins.
New drive is working fine,But the other drive now for some reason has started to play up it wont recognise a cd or a dvd it wont even fire up a audio cd to rip into windows media player.
Been looking at it i have uninstalled the top one and let windows reinstall it and it states everything is working fine but its not.
Now the big question is it possible that i have done something wrong in fitting the new one regarding those three connections ot the rear of the drive or something else has gone wrong.
I'm using windows xp pro,The drive thta is playing up is a 'Pionner DVD-RW DVR-111D' & The new one i fitted is a 'Optiarc DVD-RW AD-5200A DVD/CD-R.
Help please as the pioneer was okay until i been there.

  sharpamat 19:34 20 Sep 2009

first question is this an IDE drive ( long block os connectore. with a wide ribbon. If so did you set the jumpers on the back correctley

If its an IDE there will be two connectors on one ribbon with a second ribbon going to the hard drive. One must be set to slave and the other to master, there are little pins on the back of the drive and are normally marked as such

  Daiol 20:15 20 Sep 2009

Hi thanks for reply,Sorry for delay but having probs with forums freezing up.
Anyway yes both drives are 'IDE'and yes the connectors are okay they are the same as they came off.
Now the settings on the little pins,The new drive that i installed are set to the middle correct me if I'm wrong that is the slave position.Now what should the existing drive be set on?.Most probably I got these setting all to heck!.Should I select the top 'Original one ' to master & New one to slave or what ?.
Thanks daiol.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:17 20 Sep 2009

Looking at the pins, from left to right, it should look like this - : : :

The first 2 pins, one above the other, are for Cable select.
2nd 2 pins are for Slave
3rd lot of 2 pins are for Master

Both drives need to be set as Cable select
Set the one on the end of the cable as Master and the one in the middle as slave

Either option should work

  DieSse 22:26 20 Sep 2009

Note that the Cable Select positions will only work if the IDE cable is an 80-wire cable.

These days all hard drive cables are likely to be 80-wire, except perhaps on very old systems. However not all secondary cables are 80-wire - so check first.

  Stuartli 22:30 20 Sep 2009

The drive should have a diagram on it to mark the M, S and CS pin selections (usually on the top rear of the drive above the pins).

If you make one drive the Master and the other the Slave on the same cable and then Reboot, Windows will Reinstall both drives and the basic CDROM drivers, as well as assign the correct drive letters.

To be on the safe side, temporarily disconnect any memory card readers or storage devices (apart from your main hard drive) during the Reboot to avoid the slight possibility of incorrect drive letters.

  Daiol 09:28 21 Sep 2009

Hi,Sorry for delay,this forum keeps freezing up on me anyone else having trouble.
Okay back to the dvd drive,Looked at the pioneer drive and it had 4 sets of pins not 3.Fruit Bat /\0/\,Can you help me out here?.'Please'.

  Daiol 09:29 21 Sep 2009

Forgot to say there was no writing on the pioneer drive near the pins.

  DieSse 09:55 21 Sep 2009

" writing on the pioneer drive near the pins."

Usually it's stamped into the metal top case, and not too easy to see.

  Stuartli 10:01 21 Sep 2009

Daiol seems to have missed my mention of:

"...(usually on the top rear of the drive above the pins)."

  Quiller. 10:16 21 Sep 2009

According to the manual you should have what Fruit Bat /\0/\ has mentioned. CS, S and M. This is for a Optiarc DVD-RW AD-5200A drive. You are not confusing the audio connections with the jumper settings are you?

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