Fitting a new CPU

  iqs 20:45 03 Apr 2008

Hi, I have been given a P4 2.0GHz CPU 478.I would like to swap it for the Celeron CPU fitted in a PC I built from bits.
Is it a simple case of just removing the old,and replace with the new.Or must I adjust the BIOS or jumpers on the MB?.
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  RobCharles1981 20:59 03 Apr 2008

Your Right:

Is it a simple case of just removing the old,and replace with the new.

Just make sure you apply Thermal Past to the CPU before you fit the CPU Fan onto the CPU and you should be away!

  Devil Fish 21:13 03 Apr 2008

turn on pc for a minute or so to heat up existing thermal paste shutdown remove power lead

release the leavers either side of the heatsink and fan gently twist heatsink from side to side (do Not Force it ) then gently lift off then release leaver to remove the cpu

before inserting new cpu if it has been used before make sure the cpu heatsink and fan are free of thermal paste and residue use acetone and lint free cloth (acetone can still be found in some nail polish removers that will do the job)

apply thermal paste to processor insert into the slot be sure it is the correct way around look for the cut away corner and match it to the socket pull lever down to lock into place replace heatsink and fan plug fan power lead into the motherboard and enjoy


  Devil Fish 21:15 03 Apr 2008


replace heatsink and fan and lock into place

  iqs 23:10 03 Apr 2008

RobTheOrganGuru and Devil Fish,thanks for the help.

Question,what works best thermal paste or thermal adhesive tape click here

I'm a little unsure how much paste to use,the tape seems ideal.Cheers all

  mrwoowoo 23:24 03 Apr 2008

click here
Never used it,but i imagine the tape is easier.

  iqs 23:33 03 Apr 2008

for the link mrwoowoo,cheers

  I am Spartacus 23:36 03 Apr 2008

I use Arctic Silver click here with good results however there's only a few ÂșC between most of the well known makes.

Artic guidance click here

I use Isopropyl Alcohol (available from some chemists) to remove the residue.

  iqs 19:43 04 Apr 2008

for the advice and links I am Spartacus.

As any of the forum members used the thermal tape.If not then I will use the thermal paste.


  skidzy 19:51 04 Apr 2008

Never seen the thermal tape,i may invest in this for a little try out on one of my 478 builds.

Cheers iqs.

  iqs 14:42 05 Apr 2008

skidzy,glad to help.

I have just noted that there are 3 types of thermal paste,silver,ceramic and grease.

From the replies,Arctic Silver seems one of the best,but any personal recommendations please.

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