Fitting a modem in Dell3100

  bri-an 12:12 24 Jun 2006

Just obtained a Dell3100C computer, but unfortunately it has no modem fitted (not Dell's fault, the buyer was careless). My question is should I get a modem from Dell, or are there better buys elsewhere? It is for dial-up, and only needs be as basic as possible.
Will it be easy to open up the Dell to fit? Or would an external be easier? Does an external connect via a USB socket?
Sorry for what are maybe daft questions, but I am totally confused!
Any help or advice much appreciated

  Totally-braindead 12:27 24 Jun 2006

The choice is yours, either you buy an external USB one (which may be pricey) or you buy a cheap internal PCI one. Typically they are about the £10 mark and are easy to here click here

  bri-an 12:42 24 Jun 2006

Thanks, T-b, for the links. Was just concerned as to whether the internal fitting was easy - had heard Dell was sometimes only 'happy' with it's own stuff!?

  Totally-braindead 13:11 24 Jun 2006

No not for the likes of a modem, all you have to do is make sure theres a PCI slot free, they are white in colour. Disconnect the PC from the mains, plug in the modem card, making sure its firmly in the slot, tighten up the screw that holds it in place, switch on and when windows finds the modem put in the CD you will get with the modem. Thats it really. Oh you might not get a screw with it, if you pop into a local PC shop you could probably pick up a modem and if it doesn't have a screw with it get one at the same time.

  bri-an 13:43 24 Jun 2006

Thanks again, T-b,just what I needed to know, will send for one today, live in a rural area - nearest pc shops about 20 miles!

  Totally-braindead 13:46 24 Jun 2006

If you get stuck regarding a screw for the thing in that you can't get one where you live to fit then drop me an email via the box next to my name and I'll send you some.

  Sapins 14:19 24 Jun 2006

Dell actually show you how to open the case and upgrade components in the user manual that is loaded when you buy the machine, so you have no worries there.

  bri-an 15:22 24 Jun 2006

Appreciated, Sapins, would never have thought of that.
The advice from members of this site never ceases to amaze me - hopefully one day I will be able to help someone else!! (probably by then, all computers will be obsolete and we will all be using 'mindpower' to transmit everything!!).
Thanks again guys (or girls?).

  Totally-braindead 20:06 24 Jun 2006

bri-an you may be surprised at how soon you can help someone. If someone asks about fitting a modem after you've done this you will know all about it.

  Sapins 08:57 25 Jun 2006

(probably by then, all computers will be obsolete and we will all be using 'mindpower' to transmit everything!!).

You didn't get my latest thoughts on the matter then;-)

  bri-an 11:08 25 Jun 2006

Sorry, my left-lobe anti-virus apckage must have intercepted it, Sapins. Will try to alter it's settings, but you will appreciate from the previous posts that I may be a little lacking in d-i-y brain surgery. Can I have a practice on you?
All the best.

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