fitting a laptop HDD ?

  Magik ®© 11:15 10 Sep 2004

I am on the point of sending off for a new HDD for a dell laptop,price about £270, from laptopbits, :-((, anyway, is it a straight forward thing to do? and what is the thing about ringing microsoft, when you install XP, i have the disks from Dell..


  sicknote 11:32 10 Sep 2004

Removal and Installation of H/D is fairly simple as long as you are competent with small screws,etc.Installation with dell disc's is no problem just insert and follow instructions.have to say H/D sounds expense what size and make is it ??

  TomJerry 11:40 10 Sep 2004


  Magik ®© 12:01 10 Sep 2004

oh, I typed in laptop HDD's, and the only place i could see them listed was "laptopbits" and that price was a 40gb one.. the laptop is a Dell Inspiron 8200..

thanks all

  jack 12:09 10 Sep 2004

Go buy a copy of MicroMart' the IT version of Exchange and Mart
Laptop HDD 40 GB about £60 top whack,
Any make will do does not have to be DELL they .
Drives makers, make for everybody including dello.
Fitting is straight forward.
They usually fit into a metal sub case thne slide
into position with all the connector in place in the machine.
Screw fixing vary from make to make so it is possible that the one you get holes will not
line up with the holes in trhe carrier. not to worry I have used doublesided carpet tape to effect here, and the main case and even the battery in some models lock it all in.

  Magik ®© 12:11 10 Sep 2004

just out of interest, the drive keeps clicking most of the time,and most of the time when you tpys something there is a delay before ia appears on the screen, and what i can make out from the net, it is the heads trying to park themselves, well, it is according to the Dell website forum, and the drive is on it's way out....darn thing is only 18 months old..

  sicknote 12:30 10 Sep 2004
  sicknote 12:30 10 Sep 2004
  Magik ®© 13:35 10 Sep 2004

thanks for all the help, seeing the other prices on the links you have supplied, just as well i checked with you all first...thanks

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