Fitting a graphics card

  Pine Man 16:05 11 Mar 2007

Got a 3 year old Packard Bell PC with onboard graphics.

I am trying to fit an FX5200 graphics card and keep encountering problems.

If I disable the onboard graphics via the BIOS and install the new card, when I boot up the graphics card is recognised in BIOS but when the boot sequence reaches windows XP I get no picture at all.

If I fit the new card with the onboard graphics enabled I can get into Windows but it does not recognise the card and I can't load any software.

Am I missing something simple -I know the card works cause I've used it on another PC.

  crosstrainer 16:09 11 Mar 2007

try this: remove the drivers for your current onboard display driver with the new card out...then shut down install the new card, remembering to disable the onboard graphics on the re-boot or windows will find it again.

  Pine Man 16:15 11 Mar 2007

I disabled the drivers for onboard sound in device manager and in BIOS I have the option to boot from either onboard, AGP or PCI. I have tried both AGP and PCI.

There is something in Windows that is not recognising the card.

  crosstrainer 16:19 11 Mar 2007

The sound drivers? you mean graphics drivers don't you? Did you uninstall them or just disable, and is the new card agp (I think) or pci? should choose the right one for the card....but I think uninstalling the graphics drivers rather than disabling should could also reseat the new card.

  Pine Man 16:23 11 Mar 2007

Sorry - graphics drivers!

Just disabled cause I don't have the software to replace them if this exercise fails!

The card is definitely AGP and shows on the initial boot up screen.

Card has been reseated - what a way to spend a sunny Sunday!

  phono 16:25 11 Mar 2007

What is the name of the manufacturer of the onboard graphics?

Try changing the onboard graphics driver to standard VGA, after rebooting to check it has changed shut down the PC and install the FX5200.

Restart the PC and immediately disable onboard video in the BIOS and see if Windows picks up the new video card as a standard VGA adaptor, if it does install the nVidia drivers and reboot.

  crosstrainer 16:27 11 Mar 2007

As long as you know the make of your can download the drivers from the Packard Bell site if you can't get the new card to work click here

  Pine Man 17:09 11 Mar 2007

The onboard graphics are SiS651C.

Tried setting to VGA then disabling onboard and after I get through the BIOS boot up and get to windows the screen goes blank.

I have also removed the SiS drivers and used the windows drivers.

  jam500 17:27 11 Mar 2007

Sorry if this sounds stupid, But you are connecting the moniter cable to the new graphics card and not to the connecter to the onboard graphics.

  Pine Man 17:34 11 Mar 2007

Grateful for all suggestions but, yes, have changed over the lead!

  Pine Man 08:52 12 Mar 2007


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