Fitting a DVD writer in pc & backing up stuff

  gazmix 16:18 27 Feb 2007

I have a pc with relatively small Hard drive space.
I only use it for storing college work, pics, mpeg clips & the odd tune. Also the internet & emails.

It has just a basic CD rom drive.
I have been told now by a small local electrical store that DVD writers are only available & CD writers aren't. Is 29.99 pretty expensive for one?.

Is a DVD writer the same as a CD writer, but can copy DVD'S as well as CD's.(Don't think i will be able to copy DVD's as haven't enough HD space. If i did have the space, would i need 2 writers to copy 1 onto another, or would i upload it to pc & then back onto a blank disk?

Is it a straight switch within the pc & how, once it's installed, do i proceed to save onto disk. How much does a disk hold?.
As i have around 8GB used, i asume 2 disks will be sufficient.
Once i install, how do i go about saving all the stuff from 'my documents' onto disk!

  Rich Pickings 16:58 27 Feb 2007

Go to eBuyer where you can get CD writers for well under £20. click here. Also you can get DVD writers for a lot less than £30.

A DVD writer will write CDs and DVDs and swapping with your existing drive is straightforward.

You can also fit it alongside your existing drive, but one of the drives needs to be set a a slave and the other as master. This is a simple jumper setting and should be detailed in the instructions on the new drive.

Failing that look for the jumper next to the IDE cable connection and on the case of the drive you should see CS, SL and MA. Make sure one jumper corresponds with MA and the other to SL.

  captain birdseye 17:00 27 Feb 2007

I think you may be misinformed or have misunderstood. Bare cd drives are rare these days but having said that I have just had a batch of PCs with cd read only drives in addition to the more usual DVD-CD writable drives. DVD-CD writable drives read and write CDs but only read DVDs. DVD writers can obviously read and write DVDs and CDs and the figure you quoted is not bad although you may save a few pounds mail order/internet. Either method of copying/writing will work, either direct or to the hdd and then the CD/DVD, this is usually determined by the software (you can choose which). A CD will hold 650 or 700 MB and a DVD many time this amount(can`t remember the exact figure). The unit is a straight switch within the case (make sure the jumper is set to slave.)
To copy your MY DOCs folder select "Make a Data CD/DVD" from the software and then drag n drop.

Hope this helps.

  moorie- 18:30 27 Feb 2007

click here
cd writer £12.93

dvd writers from £19.99
click here

ref films question if you use a shrink program you could back up to hard drive and then burn using dvd writer the film would need 4.7gb hard drive space +temp files.

  gazmix 10:02 28 Feb 2007

So i guess seeing as all i need to do is back up stuff in 'my documents', all i need is a cd writer to replace my cd reader!!

my pc is too small a hd to copy dvd's

I was told a cd will hold around 4GB.



  gazmix 02:12 01 Mar 2007

Software, jeez i thought i just needed to buy a CD Writer & thats that! I need softwre too, i thought by conecting a cd writer to my pc replacing my cd rom, would enable me to transfer all i have on 'my documents' to m a CD disk, how much GB each disk holds i don't know or how many MB's a GB is aargh.
It's all a pain , even my bluetooth.

Also, Moorie, do i just replace the cd rom with the 12.93 Writer & that all i need , nothing else!
& it will tell me what to do, but then agai so did the bluetooth dongle that i still can't work :(

  moorie- 02:23 01 Mar 2007

sorry your still having trouble with blue tooth
ps if your just want a copy of documents
try using a memory stick instead,you should find it more straight forward.
click here
if your unsure about the size of documents
you wont need software just copy and paste to the mem stick which will show up in my computer.

  moorie- 02:32 01 Mar 2007

sorry missed a bit off previous post
if you want to know the size of the folders you want
to have a copy of rightclick the folder and it will tell you the size.
rough guide is 1000 kb to 1 mb
1000 mb to 1gb
i think you will find this easier than changing the drive and burning

  moorie- 02:37 01 Mar 2007

gazmix i should do this in one post

if your copying the whole of your my documents and want to know the size of it
right click my documents
and select properties and click on the general tab
you can then select the size of mem stick to suit

  Zaphod 3 03:31 01 Mar 2007

You could try this one as it comes with cables, screws and software. Just remember to look for retail kit rather than oem for the full package.

click here

  gazmix 16:39 01 Mar 2007

ok, i'll do that, i'm not messing with bluetooth type stuff, i still can't get that to work!!

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