northerngirl 14:42 28 Mar 2008

I need some help please in installing a DVD WRITER MODEL SH-182.My husband is offering to help (heaven hep me!) but I need some expert advice first :)
I have had a look at the casing on the computer and it doesn't appear to have any screws just hinges . Is this where the casing is opened?
Is it correct that whichever drive I will be using the most is to be set as master and the reversal true also?

  Totally-braindead 15:02 28 Mar 2008

Right lets start at the beginning. Can you get the case open? Cases vary some use clips, most uses screws and some require you to remove the front panel to then slide the sides off.

  Totally-braindead 15:06 28 Mar 2008

Regarding the master/slave thing many DVD writers have problems being other than master. So check its set to master and put it on its own cable connected to the second IDE connector. If you don't have the second IDE connector in use at the moment you will need to buy an IDE cable. If the cable is already there then the DVD writer is set as master and goes to the end of the cable and if theres another drive connected to it you would set it to slave and it would go in the middle of the cable.
TO summarise, DVD writer is master on the second IDE cable and it goes to the end of the cable, any other drive on the same cable is set to slave and connected to the middle connector.

  Grey Goo 10:06 29 Mar 2008

You may need to remove the whole case before the front comes off, are there screws at the back?
Or possibly one side may be removable, difficult to say without seeing it. Anyway the drive SH-182 is an ace drive, I have one myself, quick and quiet, will probably show up as a TSST corp drive in device manager.

  northerngirl 11:06 29 Mar 2008

Thanks for your very prompt and helpful advice everyone.

Regarding the PC, I cannot see any screws just two white plastic hinge - like bits of plastic.

  Forum Editor 11:11 29 Mar 2008

if you experiment with the catches. Some cases slide open, and some need to have catches released before they'll open - there are many different types, and without seeing yours it's impossible to be certain.

  Grey Goo 11:16 29 Mar 2008

If you can mention the model maybe someone else may have the same and can explain the method to open it.

  Strawballs 21:51 29 Mar 2008

Make and model will be useful as previously said because most will be a case of taking off both sides removing the screws that hold the drive in and sliding the drive out forwards without having to remove the front but one Dell I recently changed a drive in needed only one side removing then one bigger screw from the cage that holds the drives and the whole cage had to come out then remove the screws on the other side.

  STREETWORK 22:04 29 Mar 2008

antone get the feeling northerngirl has busted the PC?...

  northerngirl 09:20 30 Mar 2008

The information on the computer is

Pentium(R) 4CPU

Fortunately I haven't attempted to do anything yet, so computer is still working!

  STREETWORK 09:48 30 Mar 2008

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