Fitting a card reader pre-advice help

  Giggle n' Bits 11:59 10 Aug 2006

I am being given a Internal Card reader which is currently fitted in a Floppy Drive bay size
in a second hand machine of friend and checking what I need to know before stipping out and refitting in my empty 3.5" floppy bay on a Lian Li case.

My main concern is which plugs go to which sockets on my motherboard. is it as simple as USB 2.0 plugs go in the USB 2.0 Plugs on my motherboard but what does the actual card cable plug into on the mother board. I have also realised I have x2 USB 2.0 what I think are called headers on the motherboard (x1 being taken)

Would I be better buying a more upto date card reader are any better than others help please.

  Pamy 14:14 10 Aug 2006

Is it plugged into the motherboard inside the old computer or is it plugged outside in a rear usb socket?

If the reader wires are fitted with the same plug as the one that is being used already on your motherboard then plug them in the same.

If it has a standard usb plug on the end then if it is long enough you can pass it throuh the back of the case and plug it into a usb socket

  Quiet Life 14:28 10 Aug 2006

Card readers are now upto 22 plus for different cards. A lot depends on what cards you want to read and does the old reader take them.
I use MMC cards for Canon camera and camcorder and have a Lacor reader that takes SD and MMC cards.It is no bigger than a pendrive and plugs straight into USB. I have a built in reader in one computer but always tend to use the Lacor reader as I also use it all the time as a pendrive. Very cheap and useful if you are using SD or MMC cards.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:17 10 Aug 2006

and also Quiet Life. No its not one of them looping type the cables plug into the actuall motherboard straight from the inner cables of the card rdr.

What I should have asked is, it has a USB port and the Card slots type. Is it just the case of pluging in to a usb header on the motherboard if the pin orientation is the same. I take it then that Card reader slots like the MD/MD etc are actually usb driven to do this.

Thanks for you afternoon calls.

  Pamy 15:51 10 Aug 2006

Yes they should, I cannot see them having a separate power suppy

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