Fitting 3rd HDD

  wotbus@ 16:39 09 Dec 2008

A friend would like me mount a 3rd HDD in his PC but there is only space for 2. He is prepared to lose the floppy drive which is occupying the space.
If I fit a conventional HDD IDE ribbon instead of the usual split type for a CD/floppy drive, will it be OK mount the 3rd HDD as a slave instead of the floppy drive?
I realise the boot order will have to be changed and I will prepare an emergency boot CD for him.

  Pine Man 16:48 09 Dec 2008

Not quite sure what you mean about the ribbon BUT there is no problem fitting the HD in the bay that was used by the floppy drive so long as you have can connect it with an IDE ribbon to the motherboard or as a slave to one of the other HDs or a CD/DVD.

I doubt that you will have to change the boot order unless you want them in a specific order for some particular reason.

  wotbus@ 16:55 09 Dec 2008

Thanks Pine Man.
The fitted ribbon for the CD and Floppy drive "divides" at the end opposite to the mobo to serve both the CD and Floppy drives, unlike the ususal mobo/hdd ribbon which has simply 2 connectors for 2 drives.
I was sure if I used the latter it would be OK but wondered if I may run into any problems.

  Pine Man 17:01 09 Dec 2008

Ahh, now I understand - I think. What you are saying is that one cable connects both the Floppy and CD to the Mobo. I have never heard of that but I can see no reason why the CD connector of that ribbon should not work a hard drive.

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