fit a 2nd hard drive

  mec13 00:39 17 Sep 2005

My system is xp home. I have an old hard drive with millennium on(taken out of an old machine), my wish is to put this hard drive into my present computer as a 2nd (slave) hard drive.

I'm just trying something I've never done before,so its more of a 'see what I can do' sort of thing. The hard drive is an old Fujitsu 4.3gb, which is all thats left from this old machine (dismantled, bits given away etc). My idea is to format this 'hard drive', then think of something else to use it for, (ie back ups etc).

On reading things about this procedure, the 'jumpers' have to be set up correctly, but would appreciate a little guidance or links to how I can accomplish this little desire of mine.

Err just to remind all you 'tech masters', I'm am in the 'absolute beginners' forum, for obvious reasons.

  Forum Editor 07:24 17 Sep 2005

will currently be set to configure the drive as a 'master', and as you say, that must be changed to set the drive as a slave. It's normally an easy procedure - the jumper positions are marked, but of course you need to know what the markings mean.

Take a look at the back of the drive, and locate the small jumper block - it will probably have a series of numbers (many Fujitsu drives do) above and below the little jumper pins.

At the moment, you should see that the small plastic jumper is on pin numbers 7 & 8, which correspond to the master setting. Remove the jumper and place it on pin numbers 3 & 4.

Now the drive is configures as a slave, and you can connect it to the spare connector that's on the ribbon cable running to your existing hard drive. Make sure that the cable connector is properly seated, and that you connect it the right way around - the faint red line on one side of the cable corresponds to pin number one on the drive connector. Hold the drive with the top upwards and the rear facing you - in this postition pin 1 will be on the right. The cable connector can only be inserted in one way, and you can tell what that is by carefully studying the pins on the drive and the cable connector.

Once that's done, slide the drive into the drive bay, underneath your existing drive, and secure it with the appropriate screws. Don't forget to connect a power lead - use any of the spare connectors which you'll see inside the computer case.

Close the case, and power up the machine - you should find that the spare drive is recognised and that Windows assigns a drive letter. Once that's done you can right click on the drive icon in 'My computer' and select the 'format' option.

  harps1h 07:26 17 Sep 2005

to set it as a slave you will need to change the jumpers first. these can be found at the back of the hd, beside where the cables plug in. they are a set of 3 double pins and the jumper will already cover one set. there usually is a small diagram at the top of the drive showing which pins change it to a slave drive. if that is not there then go to the website and you will probably find the old manual there. once you have done that and seceured it into your machine, you then connect it to the same ribbon as the main hard drive via the middle plug on that same ribbon. plug in a 4 pin power molex (shaped like a streched d ) and then power up your machine. if all goes well then your machine will bot up and in my computer it will show the drive. you will need to format it to clear everything of it. this probably would be better done before you try to boot up.

  Ancient Learner 12:46 17 Sep 2005

I am not sure how you would format the drive before you installed it. Just do as FE says and install it in the PC after altering the Jumpers, for which you will need a small pair of long nosed pliers or tweezers.

Remembering your comment on being an absolute beginner, if I might be allowed to elaborate; when you right click on 'My Computer', find the new Drive which may be any letter other than 'C', depending on what other drives, such as CD and/or DVD drives, you already have, which will be identified. Now click in on this new Drive and then right click on it and this will open a menu from which you will be able to choose format. Follow the instructions including the one which will repeatedly ask if you are sure that you want to do this, you do of course, just make sure that the drive letter is the correct one, otherwise you might format 'C' drive and destroy your PC!

  mec13 13:44 17 Sep 2005

Some very good instruction given by all of you, Thanks!

Must admit though it's the 'jumpers' that is a bit confusing, as there is a small confusing diagram showing the position to put the jumper on this hard drive. those pins are very small, and if they are numbered, I'd need a microscope to see them.

All I can say is that the jumper is connected to the pins nearest the(I presume) power cable connection. Does that sound right???

  dan11 14:07 17 Sep 2005

As per FE

"At the moment, you should see that the small plastic jumper is on pin numbers 7 & 8, which correspond to the master setting. Remove the jumper and place it on pin numbers 3 & 4. "

"those pins are very small, and if they are numbered, I'd need a microscope to see them."

This may help then. click here. Scroll down to item 3, masterdrive / slave drive settings. As you can see from the FE's post 7&8 are master and next door are pins 3&4, for slave. You would just need to ease the little black jumper ( they are usually black)off the pins. Then slide them on to the pins next to them. Be aware that the diagram of this hard drive shows the hard drive flat side resting down. The printed circuit board ( PCB ) is facing up over.

Then follow all the other instructions to fit.

Good luck.

  mec13 14:44 17 Sep 2005

dan11 thanks, you answered something which did puzzle me as to 'which way up' was the hard drive (flat side or printed circuit side).

I wont tick the 'resolved' button yet,if you all dont mind, as I feel there might be an need for further guidance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:51 17 Sep 2005

These links may help

Fit 2nd HDD
click here
click here

  Strawballs 17:23 17 Sep 2005

To format the second drive. Once it has been installed as slave run the PC which will bot into the master then right click on the icon for it in my computer and select format.

  mec13 17:59 17 Sep 2005

WOW! following expert advice, and looking at links given, I have successfully fitted my first piece of complicated machinery (hard drive) into my computer.

All of you who guided me , thanks!

Formatting is a must now, because the previous owner(my mate) has left some personal stuff on, which needs to be removed. Does this mean that 'XP' (my OS) will automatically load onto this hard drive, after formatting, or is there further 'twiddling' requ.

You realise of course my head has swelled slightly, thanks to this forum, because a £5 bet is now mine, when I was told 'you'll never do it'.

Thanks again.

  dan11 19:40 17 Sep 2005

If the 4.3 gig hard drive is showing in the bios, Then

Right click my computer, pick manage. Now scroll down to disk management and open.

A new window will open in the right hand side. The new hard drive will be below your main "C" drive. Right click on any part of the bar, you will then have options. One may be to format, if that is listed, format. It may say delete partition, if it says this, that's fine. Just post back for instructions.

Well done:-)))

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