First Website using Publisher 2000

  pj123 13:43 14 Jun 2003

Can someone point me in the right direction. I have tried a website for a friend who lives in France. I used Publisher 2000 as I already have it. I am on Broadband at 600kb and it loads instantly for me. Others I have asked to try it on dialup say it loads OK but takes time. I think I have sussed the reason, my friend wanted text to wrap around graphics which is what I did. But Publishers Design Checker advised that if one frame overlaps another the whole thing becomes one graphic frame, (which takes longer to load).
The other big problem is, the owner of the domain (my friend) cannot access it at from France, he gets "this page cannot be displayed"??? Everybody else I have asked have not problem.

I have access to Dreamweaver in someone's company office but I can't get there anytime I want. Is Dreamweaver easy to learn?

The site address is click here

Thank You

  Forum Editor 14:09 14 Jun 2003

but Publisher does have the annoying habit of wanting to create gifs out of everything, which slows you down when you want to do a quick text change on the site.

Dreamweaver is a superb application, but I would exactly call it easy to learn. That's not to say you should be deterred from trying it, but if you aren't planning to become more involved in site design you would find it an expensive and complex solution.

You may care to take a look at Microsoft FrontPage, or an application called NetObjects Fusion - both of which can create superb sites with a minimum of fuss.

  Forum Editor 14:11 14 Jun 2003

"...but I wouldn't exactly call it easy to learn."

is what I meant to say.

  pj123 14:17 14 Jun 2003

Thank you FE for your kind words. I note your comments. Maybe if that is not a bad start, I could take it further. I teach IT for a county council and quite a few people have asked if I know anything about web design. I have always said "no". I am going to rethink.

  phil 14:40 14 Jun 2003

You could also try Coffee Cup HTML Editor from here click here, not the Express version.

It's simpler to use than Dreamweaver and will teach you far more about web page design than Dreamweaver ever could.

Download the trial first and if you like it then it's yours for life (including upgrades)for around £35

All my sites are made using this. click here

  pj123 16:05 14 Jun 2003

phil, thank you for the link. I have downloaded that and I also notice they offer a service to submit your site to 3000 search engines for $49 a year. Do you think that is worth paying for, or should I leave it to the "spiders" to find?

  pj123 16:10 14 Jun 2003

PS. As I expect to win the National Swindle tonight I might be able to afford Dreamweaver.

  Forum Editor 17:04 14 Jun 2003

of paying $49 for 3000 search engine submissions. Shortly after paying your $49 you'll find your inbox literally swamped with spam.

There are only around half a dozen engines that are really worth bothering with, and you can do the submissions yourself. Don't expect miracles when you do this - really high return positions depend on paying quite large sums to the search engines, and few private site owners can afford to do this.

  anchor 17:05 14 Jun 2003

Hello pj123:

I liked the site, but my main criticism is that the map give one no real idea where Callac is. I had to open MS Autoroute to find it. Sure, it is Brittany, but I think you need to show the location of the village, then where the Manoir is located. As it is, I think it is of little help. I speak as one that tours France regularly by car.

As regards promoting the site; of course only you can decide about the $49, but I have promoted my Crete panorama site most effectively; free:
click here

I would suggest you include some meta tags and description to help the spiders.
click here

I am sure the forum experts will advise you better about this.

  anchor 17:15 14 Jun 2003

Further to the comments by the FE about spam.

Of course, he really know about these things, but I have read elsewhere that even including your e-mail address in a page is enough for the evil spam spiders to find you. Your friends have to decide if the risk of spam is worth having their site listed free. Without a listing, I think you would be dead in the water.

One suggestion I saw, was to include your address in a graphic. Don`t know if it works, but it might help. The search engines that you really need to be on is Google, followed by Yahoo. 75% of my almost 14,500 hits come from these two.

  phil 06:39 15 Jun 2003

No, I don't advise paying for a submission service. Most of the ones they're offering will be unknown American search engines all linked to porn sites. Your listing will only last for a few weeks anyway.

Make sure your site is constructed correctly with the correct Meta tags in the format shown here:

<!-- METATAGS -->
<META content="Le Manoir Du Neveit" name="index">

<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">

<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Luxury Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the picturesque Cote d'Armour region of Central Brittany">

<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="Le Manoir Du Neveit,Luxury,Bed & Breakfast,accommodation,non-smoking,Cote d'Armour,Central Brittany,17th Century Manor House,Forest of Duault,seclusion,Callac,Steve Sheppard,Carolyn Sheppard,gite,self catering,stress free zone,Salle de Fete,Gorges du Corong,Le Neveit,Guingamp.Lannion,Brest,Concarneau,Port Aven,Stanstead,Europcar,Hertz">

<META content="Steve Sheppard" name=OWNER>
<META content="Your own name here" name=AUTHOR>
<META content="Your own name here" name=COPYRIGHT>
<META content="MSHTML 6.00.2479.6" name=GENERATOR>
<META http-equiv=EXPIRES content="">
<META http-equiv=CHARSET content=ISO-8859-1>
<META http-equiv=CONTENT-LANGUAGE content=English>
<META http-equiv="VW96.OBJECT TYPE" content=Document>
<META content=General name=CLASSIFICATION>
<META content=General name=RATING>
<META content=index,follow name=ROBOTS>
<META content="30 days" name=REVISIT-AFTER>


That was one I made earlier. You can have that.

Submit the site to the ones that matter and then wait.

Also have a good stats counter on the site, I use Sitemeter, click here

You don't need to have a counter on show, it can just be a small logo at the bottom of EACH page.

You will then be able to see which search engines are finding your site by going to the referrals page on Sitemeter.

I have had 25 referrals to my site, Harriers-Online at click here from search engines in the past two days. Most of those came from Google, MSN, Yahoo etc.

Others you could try are and

I hope all this is of some help.

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