First website review please?

  cowgirl66 16:47 14 Jul 2006

If you've been reading my prvious thread you'll see I've had problems getting online,, but now my website is visible for all to see I would love any remarks you can make about it.

Regards cowgirl66

  ade.h 16:51 14 Jul 2006

In your exitement, you've forgotten the link!

  cowgirl66 16:56 14 Jul 2006

LOL, so sorry, here it is click here

  ade.h 17:27 14 Jul 2006

Well, I've got to be honest; the style is not very appealing. The colours don't quite work (especially the strong blue), there are no images and few graphics, the navbar links are big and blocky and the text layout is not quite right. The page layouts and object placement vary from page to page.

It's not bad for a first effort, and I don't want to put you off - quite the opposite in fact - but it still needs a lot of development. Your subject matter - while not relevant to me - is potentially quite interesting to a lot of people. As a first project, it has got you started, and you chose one of the more complex design apps, which is brave of you.

  Djohn 19:14 14 Jul 2006

I agree with ade.h but a very good first attempt. Looks fine in Firefox but you have 3 image placeholders on the home page that do not show up in IE6, just a small square with red X top left corner.

The contact form for email is a good idea but looks a little squashed up in the centre of the page, can it be made to spread out a bit more?

  cowgirl66 19:50 14 Jul 2006

Thanks for your comments. I realise the colours are bright and to be honest I'm not that pleased with the choice.

I've never attempted a website before and was thrown in at the deep end with Dreamweaver and Photoshop at the college (although I used Fireworks at home.

We only had 10 lessons to learn Dreamweaver from scratch and how to make image files, how to make site files and source files etc.

I'm disappointed too that I've made a cock-up somewhere with the form but hopefully I'll keep on with it and get it right.

Thanks all,, regards cowgirl66

  ade.h 20:30 14 Jul 2006

Your first attempt is never your best effort and your work improves which each new design. I learned that early on!

  Djohn 22:46 14 Jul 2006

Home page cowgirl66 needs a space between the words,

with vegetarian [recipesto] try out.

  Babou 00:25 17 Jul 2006

Mmmmm, the lamb burgers sound really good.

  PurplePenny 11:53 17 Jul 2006

I like the bright colours: reminds me of a burger bar! But the text on the green background does fail a colour contrast test (meaning that some people with poor vision or colour blindness will find it hard to read).

  cowgirl66 12:01 17 Jul 2006

Thanks for the comments PurplePenny and Babou and all of you,, all of your comments are being taken into account and I'll learn from them.


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