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  drdeath 23:18 26 Jan 2004

hi im looking to have my own business website, im just looking for a website which is easy to "maintain" , im not looking to make lots of money, i just want tot get my foot on the ladder of owning a website business ive seen this website for sale on e bay.any comments would be grateful thank you
click here

  PurplePenny 23:46 26 Jan 2004

The site is based on OsCommerce which is free so you would be paying for the information/contacts and the domain until October.

It also looks as though it could be quite time and outlay intensive. You will either have to stock everything that is on the site or order it in on demand. If you do that you won't get very good bulk purchase discounts and you will keep your customers waiting.

You can get lists of wholesalers at a newsagent and you could buy a domain of your own. You would have to set up OsCommerce but there are a couple of us who can help with that and it has a thriving support forum.

Personally I wouldn't go for it but others might disagree - I might be missing something.

I've just spotted that the site shown in the advert doesn't look like the site that is linked too - the name is different too. There is a lot more listed on the advert screenshot. (Not that that makes much difference - you would have to change the catalogue to reflect what you decided to sell anyway.)


  PurplePenny 23:54 26 Jan 2004

OK - the site shown *is* the URL given in the blurb. The link given doesn't go to "shop4weddings" it goes to "weddingshop4u". But to be fair to the seller that is probably just to prevent prospective bidders putting in orders on the real site by mistake.

The real site has been there since October 2003 in its OsCommerce form so I would wonder why it is being sold already. Does it not do enough business? Does it do too much business and the present owner can't keep up?


  PurplePenny 00:00 27 Jan 2004

The advert says that the site can take all manner of credit cards - but *you* might not be able to! Go and speak to your bank manager about taking credit card payments.


  Taran 09:02 27 Jan 2004

I noticed that the ad claimed to support all those cards right below the statement that reads "Opening an account is easy"...

Elsewhere the list of credit cards is displayed next to the PayPal logo.

To run any online business it's entirely up to you to arrange and set up your trading methods and accounting system. You can buy any site you like, but the financial side of things will still have to be sorted out to link into your business account, using your PayPal account and so on.

I'm not sure you are seeing beyond the bid price so far for the site, and knowing eBay that current bid will fly through the roof in the last few minutes of the last day of bidding when the unwary get carried away and start doing silly things with their cash.

Here's something for you to think about.

1&1 click here can register a domain name of your choice [subject to it being available of course] give you a generous monthly hosting bandwidth to play with, a large amount of space for said site and they also support e-commerce.

Their starter e-commerce package is £9-99 per month to sell from a catalogue of up to 100 items. Setting up your own site and catalogue of good is simple - they have extensive templates for your pages if you don't want to or can't design the site for yourself and it would be your site, your choice of domain, your choice of goods offered for sale and so on.

Now, on to another possible thorn. Wedding goods over the internet is either going to work or not depending entirely on what it is you are offering. Keep in mind that almost all weddings are very long in the planning, the people involved generally go out and buy after a visit to the supplier or company in question and so on. This includes everything from the cake to invitations to the wedding dress. Some brides-to-be also like to make up their own favours, while many florists and most caterers offer them as part of their service.

Most people do not want to buy lots of ribbon, tealight holders and similar table decorations. Looking through the sample lists of goods for sale I can't believe there's a lot of money to be made from torch and compass keyrings, silver coloured yo-yos, a wide selection of ballpen sets and so on.

There are certain wedding goods that spring to mind that may sell well over the web, but the ones presented in this example won't have people queuing up to buy.

So the "list of the UK's top Wholesalers" looks like it could be made up largely of table decorations, novelty gifts and a variety of pens and stationary.

The person who set the site up has also made one very glaring error in the PHP config file, which is why there's a large error message over the top of the sample site page as follows:

Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file: /home/wedding/public_html/shop/includes/configure.php. This is potential security risk - please set the right user permissions on this file.

That config file will typically contain the database name, unsername and password to access it and other sensitive information, so it obviously hasn't been set up with any care.

As Penny points out, the site is based on a free e-commerce solution so you could, if you wanted, purchse your own domain and hosting account, download OsCommerce, find your own list of wholesalers and sell whatever you like once you set up your own banking system.

I realise that you want to get started but I'm not convinced that this will be anything more than a waste of your money and time.

Online selling typically works best if you have a niche market of some kind. Assoted knick knacks does not seem to be an effective way forward so to make any money you'd still have to generate traffic to the site [through advertising and word of mouth] and you'd have to fill the catalogue with items that people would actually want to buy for their weddings over the web, so there's more or less as much work involved rearranging this as setting something up from scratch.

Sit down and have a think about what you would like to sell and the potential audience you would be pitching at. Sorry to sound so negative, but I don't think this has much going for it unless you desperately want to get into selling novelty goods.

  Forum Editor 18:24 27 Jan 2004

and so that's that.

I woukld always be a little wary of buying someone else's e-commerce idea - if it's such a good thing why are they selling it?

Far better to come up with your own business plan, and have a go at designing a site yourself - we'll provide you with plenty of help and advice, and you might find the whole experience turns out to be fun. Even if you don't found a business empire you'll have had the satisfaction of knowing you built a site from scratch, and there are plenty of off-the-shelf e-commerce solutions out there for you to choose from. All of them integrate into a web site pretty well - that's what they're designed to do.

  PurplePenny 21:55 27 Jan 2004

I'm so relieved that you didn't go for it. As I drifted off to sleep last night I thought "I must post to that thread as soon as I get into work". Did I remember? No, of course not!

If I had I was going to point out that it can't be a money making concern since it is being sold by a company that sells those same kind of things on e-Bay. They started on e-Bay in Feb. and the website in Oct. and they are already selling up the website so they obviously make more money from their e-Bay sales.

But as FE says the auction is over, you didn't buy it and I'm relieved because now I don't need to feel guilty about forgetting to post.


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