First Webpage need desperate help pleaseeeeeeeee!!

  wanderluster 10:09 13 Nov 2007

I decided to start building my own webpage....a forum mostly

i got the forum up and going but the thing the address is leaving an open page which i need to put my front page on....can someone help me im so lost i ve tried everything

  mco 17:01 13 Nov 2007

own the domainname of xtremescion? In which case you need to make a webpage and upload it as .index.html to your webspace, assuming you have ftp rights to this domain name. And on that page you need a hyperlink to your forum. I don't know how you set up your forum - but if you own the domain name, did you not want to have the forum AS your front page?

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 20:32 13 Nov 2007

Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you're after - but if it's so that the directs visits directly to the forum, you could do a simple redirect.

As mco says, name a file index.html and upload it to your webspace, the contents on the file need to be something like:

<title>Your Page Title</title>
<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=click here"></HEAD>
Optional page text here.

Is that what you're after?

  wanderluster 23:51 13 Nov 2007

Yea i do own the domain name and when i uploaded all the files for the forum i ended up making a "forum" directory nd all the files went in there, giving me the /forum at the end of my domain. I was following directions from someone and thats how i was told to do it. And then i noticed that the front page of the website wasnt i just decided to make a graphic hyperlinking to the forum itself, i tried to upload it to where the default "Welcome" graphic is that the host already had there saying that the site was coming soon figuring that that would work but it didnt.

"The Ghost of Inept Pig"- if i were to make that .html file would i use exactly what you have above? and if so, is there a way i can ad a smf graphic to that that has already been made with the hyperlink?

thanks so much for your help guys i really appreciate it

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 08:41 14 Nov 2007

Pretty much.

However, it's an automatic redirect - the number featured in the 'content="0;' part is the number of seconds that it waits before forwarding you on-to the page listed.

You could put 5 or something here, and then add a picture to the body of the document - that wait it would hold so people could see the welcome, and then automatically redirect after 5 seconds (if you do this though, it's probably best to let people know that they'll be automatically forwarded, and also to give them a link to click if they don't want to wait).

Having typed all this - I now see that your homepage is working fine anyway! So no need to do any of that!

  Forum Editor 18:29 14 Nov 2007

if you added some content to your new index page, telling people what's inside.

Simply having a 'Click me to enter the forums' hyperlink will deter a lot of people - they'll be wary of clicking something when there's no indication of what they're going into.

  TomLinny 13:02 15 Nov 2007

Why dont you just just copy all the files out of the forum folder and into the level above. that way it will work on rather than Unless ou are planning on building a site around the forum later.

  wanderluster 05:13 17 Nov 2007

yea i havent thought about that about it deterring people . I was actually planning to build a front page with a wiki and everything else to come a bit later... so do you think i should add more text to the front page instead of just leaving it like that for now? thanks for all of your help guys i really appreciate it

  wanderluster 05:15 17 Nov 2007

sorry for the double post...but i coldnt figure out if you could edit the one i just made

shouldi have like

enter the scion forums at and have a description saying that the front page is under construction?

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