First time user of Vista - protection requirements

  compumac 11:40 28 Jul 2009

Just acquired an Advent 7113 laptop that had thrown a complete wobbly. Unable to access the hidden partition to put it back to factory state. Now installed Vista Premium (legally).

I wish to install the necessary protection that I currently have with XP, i.e. A-Squared-AntiMalware, AVG V8.5 Free, CCleaner, Zone Alarm etc, but am uncertain as to their functionality within Vista.
I have never used Vista before and therefore pose the following questions:-
Can the following work comfortably and be viable/useful programmes within Vista?
A-squared Anti-Malware
AVG V8.5 Free
Zone Alarm.

Acronis V11
Diskeeper Pro 2007
Partition Magic V8

What does anyone recommend as protection programmes for Vista?

  Bob The Blob 11:49 28 Jul 2009

They all work fine with Vista. You don't need zonealarm, just use vista's inbuilt firewall.

  mooly 11:51 28 Jul 2009

What would I recommend,
Well it's not free but I use only FSecure full internet security. Have no other real time protection running. Have Windows Defender turned OFF. Windows firewall OFF (All managed by FS).
Best of all it doesn't hog resources.
Do all these freebies real time scan ? or do you have to do a manual scan.
CC is fine with Vista. So to Acronis (v10TI I use), I use them both. I have "Superantispyware" installed (after being constantly told too on here :)) but it never finds anything.
And don't "fiddle" would be my advice... Vista's pretty good.

  compumac 11:56 28 Jul 2009


  Bob The Blob 11:57 28 Jul 2009

I use malwarebytes anti-malware too. Good program.
Have uninstalled a-squared as it finds too many false positives and takes an age to update.

  mooly 12:19 28 Jul 2009

Aye.. fiddle... don't !
How to improve start up times, how to do improve this that and the other, disabling things you really shouldn't etc etc.
Just let Vista do it's thing.
Why did it throw a "wobbly" ? did you upset it :)

  compumac 12:59 28 Jul 2009

The laptop in fact is my sons. Whereas I do fiddle with my own PC's I have no intention of changing start times etc on his laptop, and I did not upset it. My daughter in law was using it when it went in to orbit, screen shivering locking up, not restarting, all manner of things. I have been messing with PC's for a good many years but never come across such varied problems. F8 produced nothing. F10 did not produce the recovery option. We could boot up from CD/DVD but could not get any further whatsoever. I spent most of Sunday trying to get sort it out.
It is sorted now excepting the installation of programmes and was the reason for my topic here.

  mooly 17:27 28 Jul 2009

:) Just wondered what had caused it, whether it was a virus or anything. It all sounded very drastic what had happened, having to reinstall.
I would definitely get into the habit of making regular image backups (Acronis), and then things like this are a "non problem" then. You can also create a "bootable" Acronis rescue disk in case you cannot run Acronis from within Windows.

  compumac 18:26 28 Jul 2009

I personally have Acronis images going back every month for the past three months for my three PC's. I also create images immediately prior to the installation of any major software (belts and braces, belts and braces). The problem is that my son has not, until now, taken seriously the implications of losing all of his data. He now does! I hope. I am in the process of creating an Acronis image of his set up prior to him having the laptop back.

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