first time printer purchase?

  jessesimp 23:41 08 May 2013

hey guys I was just hoping for a little advice from some people that probably know a lot more than me about this stuff. I've never bought a printer and I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for, but I know I want a good all-in-one printer and I don't want to spend a million bucks, just like anybody right? I found this site and I'm leaning towards the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Inkjet Printer, I've read a lot of reviews but I was hoping to get some instant feedback from you guys about Epson or that exact printer and let me know what you guys think before I make the purchase? Thanks a lot!

  BT 08:22 09 May 2013

I've always used Epson Printers and found the OK. Depends what you want it for but even the cheaper ones are good, and all use separate inks. Also there are lots of good quality compatible inks available which helps keep down running costs.

  sharpamat 08:53 09 May 2013

Ive Also always Epson Printers and agree they are a good range. Its the cost of ink that does need to be looked at prior to purchase. Both original and compatible. also if available Local to you This applies to which make of printer you choose

I have found no problems obtaining ink for my SX200 ( Main Use ) However no compatibles are yet available for my expression XP750

A third option for Large use is a CISS which cuts cost drastically but does enlarge the footprint

  spuds 09:41 09 May 2013

I assume that this request is coming from the US, and if so the market might be slightly different there?.

I have a range of printer's, and in the main Epson have a good market cover, but I find that when they become troublesome, then there is only one alternative, and that is usually a replacement printer.

Here in the UK, printer's tend to be rather cheap to purchase, but expensive in cartridge replacements, unless you have a good reliable source of compatibles. CISS or refillables is another method on cost saving, so before making a printer purchase, check this out first.

On the range of printer's that I have, Brother printer's have shown some very good results in print quality and cost savings.

  Woolwell 10:51 09 May 2013

I've got an Epson all-in-one with auto-duplex which also takes high yield cartridges which so far I have found to be reasonably economical. It may well be worthwhile seeing if a printer takes high yield cartridges. They may cost a bit more but over time you could save that amount in the cost of ink.

  Peter 14:09 09 May 2013


I too have an Epson Photo Expression XP-750 and have found compatible cartridges available on Amazon and also from Choice Stationery. I have tried the £22.95 XL 6 pack from Amazon and they seem okay. I have a £14.59 (£10.00 + £4.59 p&p) set in reserve, also from Amazon and they appear exactly the same as the £22.95 ones.


  sharpamat 14:52 09 May 2013

Thanks for that Peter Choice seems a third as much as Amazon was going to wait for CISS but may well give it a try now you have said they are OK

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