rotormota 15:43 11 Dec 2009


Can someone advise about setting up a wifi on my desktop. I already have a wifi pci card with antenna which I could install into a spare rear slot but I see there are simple plug & play USB wifi dongles available.

How does wifi work? Do I have to subscribe to a server or something? What hard & software is required? My printer is wifi enabled & if I bought a laptop will this connect to the network too?

I'm confused!


Many thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:47 11 Dec 2009

What make and model f roure do you have to connect to the internet?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:48 11 Dec 2009

What make and model of router do you have to connect to the internet?

  The Kestrel 15:52 11 Dec 2009

Do you have broadband with a wireless router? If so, then using either a USB dongle or a wireless card in your PC, you will be able to make a wireless connection. You will also be able to set up your printer to work wirelessly as well. Providing your laptop has a wireless card this too will be able to run on your network.

Here is a guide to help you understands and set up your wireless network. click here

  rotormota 16:06 11 Dec 2009

I have a Thomson Speedtouch 716 broadband modem. It has ethernet connections as well as USB & other sockets. Is this a router? Is the USB wifi dongle not a router?

Still confused.

  cream. 16:12 11 Dec 2009

You need a router like this click here if your connection is via telephone cable.

  cream. 16:19 11 Dec 2009

You substitue the Thomson modem for a router. It requires a power socket and a telephone socket.

You connect the desktop to the router via a lan cable and input the ISP settings. e.g. email address and passwork.

The select the sucurity for the router.

You then disconnect the lan cable and use either your PCI card or the dongle supplied ( after installing the software ) to wirelessly connect to the router. Input you security code and then connect to the internet.

You then have wifi internet.

You then scan with the laptop and printer for the network, connect and put in the security code and all should be wireless.

  rotormota 16:43 11 Dec 2009

Thanks. That's helpful. I see the prices range from £20 upwards. Is a cheap one good enough for internet, laptop, printer? What do I get if I spend lots more?


  VOT Productions 19:50 11 Dec 2009

How did you post in the forum with no connection to the internet???


Start with this:

You brought the internet connection from a ISP(BT, Orange... there is a list of them at click here)and you've got the things from the ISP.

Next READ the maunal supplied!

Some maunals say "Just put in our CD" some say different things.

And follow the setup and job done!

  cream. 20:43 13 Dec 2009

"Is a cheap one good enough for internet, laptop, printer? "

Probably but you may get the odd drop out with a cheapie. If you are on a decent speed of broadband, a N standard router would be good sence. If you are on a moderate speed, a G standard should do well.

I have used a belkin G for over 4 years with no problem what so ever. Remember that belkin router came with a free G dongle, worth about £18, so the router could be counted as £20. The dongle can be used in the desktop or any other computer near to the router. It is far more moblie than a pci card.

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