first time builder questions on compatability

  Siris2012 15:58 10 Apr 2014

the usual situation, first time builder, first rig etc.

I have a budget of about £300-£400 and I want to build a decent gaming PC.

(for perspective, i'm currently lucky if I can get more than 17fps with the graphic quality as close to off as possible on the few games my computer can handle...30-60fps on medium settings are more than enough for my needs.)

So I want to build around an AMD 4X 4130, so here are my questions and assumptions that i'd like to address:

My assumption is that it would seem that so long as the linking parts all have similar distinctions (AM3+ DDR3 etc) then they are all compatible with one another...Is this the case or is it more complicated than that?

1/ Will any AM3+ motherboard fit that processor or only specific ones?

2/ How can I tell which Graphic cards will be compatible with the set up? Will any AMD card fit any AMD processor set up with space being the only limit, or will certain cards only fit certain processor/motherboard set ups?

The Games i'm going to be playing on it are TF2, Portal, Fable 3, Saints row series, DayZ, Total war, and Elder scrolls online.

The set up i'm looking to buy from overclock is thus:

MSI 760GM-p23 fx AMD 760G AM3+ DDR3 motherboard.

AMD FX-4130 Black edition 4 core 3.8ghz AM3+ Processor

Hynix 4gb 1333mhz ddr3 memory

Hitachi HDD

ACE 500watt atx PSU with 12cm fan

with a standard sound card and some extra USB ports.

I'm holding off on chosing a memory card until i know a bit more about them. and as for the case i presume any MATX compatible case will suffice (space the obvious factor) and will get the cheapest one with enough space on the day i decide to buy.

sorry for the long post and thank you for your time any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Siris2012 11:47 13 Apr 2014

well, I reckon i'm going to have to resort to a fair bit of cheap and nasty since my total budget is between £3-400. i'm in the situation where whatever extra

I didn't know the manufacturers printed lists like that. thank you!

by memory card I mean the DD mem

Thank you for clearing up my confusion on graphic cards as well, so is space the only compatability factor where graphic cards are concerned?

  Siris2012 11:49 13 Apr 2014

Please ignore "i'm in the situation where whatever extra"

my lousy editing, sorry.

  martd7 14:01 14 Apr 2014

Ddr memory?

  martd7 15:42 14 Apr 2014

If your budgets £400 your not going to get much of a gaming pc but you could look at a ready built equivalent

click here

  Siris2012 07:56 16 Apr 2014

yes DDR, i'm really sorry i accidently posted that comment before i'd finished editing it.

Mart Thanks for the suggestion but even that is way too much for me, i need to keep it as close to £300 as possible since i have other financial strains to take into consideration.

I'm not looking for a supercomputer, I just want to be able to play.

  Siris2012 13:33 16 Apr 2014

although looking around that site, the motherboard bundles look like they would solve the problem i'm having...i guess it's just a case of working out what's going to end up cheaper.

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