First time build won't work

  jgp4 13:08 25 Sep 2006

I'm having trouble with a PC I'm building. I've installed the processor and memory and connected it up to the case and monitor but when I power it on nothing happens. Nothing on the screen and no beeps. I have a SATA HDD connected too which does nothing. Could it be the motherboard? When I take the memory out it does 3 long beeps, which according to the ASRock site means a RAM test problem which makes sense.

Can anyone help?

BTW the specs are

AM2 Sempron 2800+
ASRock ALIVE NF4 mobo
512MB 533MHz DDR2
Seagate 200GB SATA

Thanks in advance

  Input Overload 17:40 25 Sep 2006

Have you connected the square 4 pin connector to the mainboard as it's easy to overlook it?

  jgp4 19:16 25 Sep 2006

yup, everything is connected up, and its all brand new stuff. as there's no post beep i'm thinking it's the mobo or cpu. Have ordered a new mobo to test it.

Can anyone tell me why the hard drive won't start up? does POST need to get to a certain point or should it start as soon as power is turned on?


  jack 08:59 26 Sep 2006

The first post has a relevance.
Modern CPU's are now powered separately via a 4 pin connector and not via the main Power block

If you have therefore a MoBo with an unpopulated square connector and no connector from the Power supply to match it - then that is the problem and it is a new power supply you will need, with the appropriate 12v 4 pin in addition to the usual 20 pin block. or a suitable adaptor,
Perhaps you have these too- these days they come with all sorts of extra adaptors, that we discard- until a something does not work - then we find we needed it after all.

  jgp4 11:06 26 Sep 2006

I said everyting was hooked up - that includes the cpu power

  DieSse 14:16 26 Sep 2006

Could be a badly seated processor - try removing and refitting.

  jgp4 14:33 26 Sep 2006

if I remove it (and take off the heatsink) will I need to re-do the thermal paste or would it be ok seperated for a short while?


  DieSse 14:43 26 Sep 2006

It'll be OK to try a boot up as long as you do refit the heatsink. But don't run it for more than a few moments without redoing the heat-sink compound.

  jgp4 15:04 26 Sep 2006

Thanks, can anyone recommend a good make of thermal pad, i don't like the paste.

Are these any good?

click here

  jgp4 15:51 26 Sep 2006

Tried reseating the cpu, no luck, so I guess I'll try a new mobo, and then a new cpu (this is getting expensive)

Oh, and I have one more question if you don't mind, about the hard drive.

It a 200GB seagate barracuda, SATA. I've never used a sata disk before, there are the usual sata power and data connections, but also a small 4 pin thing marked as 'molex' on the drive. It's the size of a 4 pin floppy connector, but too small for one to fit. Does anyone know what this is?

Also does anyone know why its not powering up? The psu connectors all work fine with fans etc.

Sorry for being a complete noob,


  User-312386 15:59 26 Sep 2006

Are you sure the wires to case/mobo are correct?

I have sometimes put them the wrong way round and got no POST at all

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