First steps to clear virus...

  [email protected] 19:35 12 Jul 2004

I suspect my friends PC (Win98) is infected: AV has been disabled, error msg's keep telling of illegal operations and are shut-down - including explorer, access to both drives are denied in both normal and safe mode. Problem is, what to do now? Connection to the net lasts a minute or so then that too is shutdown with the error msg "Explorer has performed an illegal operation"etc. Any advice would be most welcome.

  VoG II 20:09 12 Jul 2004

As a first step try running Stinger and see what it finds click here

  [email protected] 20:18 12 Jul 2004

Hi VoG™, thanks for your help the other day. OK, will have a go. I am on the net using my normal PC and the other is alongside but "stand-alone".

  VoG II 20:25 12 Jul 2004

Stinger will fit onto a floppy. Download onto your machine and save onto a floppy. Write protect the floppy using the little tab. Then run Stinger from the floppy on the infected PC.

  [email protected] 20:36 12 Jul 2004

Did just that and it's running now. Does this little program have the ability to isolate or remove anything it finds?

  [email protected] 21:01 12 Jul 2004

The scan is taking ages as the PC has small HDD, memory and slow CPU. Will give a progress report later or probably tomorrow. Rgds

  [email protected] 10:32 13 Jul 2004

Hmm - not looking good. Stinger detected nothing. I have just run System File Checker and it says several files are corrupted, neither me or the owner have the W98 installation discs! (he bought it 2nd hand). I am now running the "thorough" scandisc (in safe mode) but I think I may now be wasting my time. As I know the names of the corrupted files, is there some way to get them from MS direct?

  VoG II 10:49 13 Jul 2004

If the corrupted files are .dlls you may be able to download them. click here

  [email protected] 11:04 13 Jul 2004

Morning VoG™. Cheers pal, 5 are .dll, 4 are .exe and the rest are .scr .vxd and .ocx respectively. Will give it a try. Read your thread about new members just now and I find it hard to believe it's possible to be on the receiving end of a verbal, just for trying to help but that's life I suppose (and another thread!). I am learning a lot by this DIY for other people and value highly the ability to put forward questions to this excellent forum. Will try to d/l the .dll's now - keep you posted.

  [email protected] 14:14 13 Jul 2004

OK - 3 of the corrupted .dll files have been installed and it's now behaving a bit better; full boot with only some error msgs about the AV being out of date (which it is). At least I have a workable desktop but I suspect some of the other corrupted files are important: winfile.exe, winrep.exe and walign.exe but where to find them?
Dropping any cover CD into the drive-tray to test produces the blue screen Fatal Error stuff which when "any key" tapped away leads to a necessary reboot. I have tried installing "AutoFix.exe" via floppy to try to get the drive to work but it just won' hackle, probably due to the currupted files before mentioned. If I could get that to work in order to extract the personal data it can self destruct as far as the owner is concerned, so any further advice would be welcome.

  Graham ® 14:38 13 Jul 2004

File extension info click here

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