First step to install Linux

  Amalric III 13:50 18 Jun 2007

I am ready to instaLinux, preferably Kunbutu 7.04 rom the DVD which came with this month's PC World. I have burned a DVD with Nero of the .iso file. If I try to boot with this disk (having set up the DVD drive first in the boot list) itis ignored and Windows is booted. Then if I click on the file in Windows it says it doesn't know how to open it. Should I have told Nero to make a boot disk, or is it supposed to be possible to bood from a DVD with an ISO file on it.

How does one start a Linux install (except those which run from inside Windows, of course)?

  iambeavis 14:15 18 Jun 2007

It sounds like you've just burned the .iso to disk, rather than creating a bootable DVD.

  iambeavis 14:20 18 Jun 2007

Download "burn cdcc" - it creates a bootable CD/DVD from an iso file. It's the sixth item down on the list - click here

  Amalric III 18:47 24 Jun 2007

Thanks iambeavis. Got the iso file and installed Ubuntu server. Seemed logical as what I am tring to set up is a server. Now I am presented with a strictly command line system, a bit like the old CPM, BG [before Gates]. Is this all I get with the server version? Ubuntu is famous for its 3D desktop. Do I have?to go for Kubuntu desktop version to get this.

Last question: Is there a good help site like this for Ubuntu specfically, or have I already come to the best place?

  mocha 20:00 24 Jun 2007

Go here for everything Ubuntu, click here

  Amalric III 14:54 23 Feb 2008

Almost every system invents some system to deny every one including especially the person who has actually paid for admission. Even Ubuntu.7.10 does it.

In a two year effort to avoid Microsoft and all its clones, I am trying to get Unbuntu going and have successfully installed it on a different hard drive from MS WinXT. I can get Unbutu started. It asks for user name and/or, it seems not to decide which one. No matter what, it refuses to work. I assume that either a username that I have made up should work, and a six digit password. Some people insist on some other form is required, just to make sure that whatever you chose is refused. Thus, whatever money or time you have invested is wasted and they do not have to furnish any reward. They can steal the money and not respond to any effort to open any communication.

Does anyone know what the password form must be:

Six or eight characters? What can be used numerals, letters, symbols and in what order? How can I solve it if it now will not the password that I chose first.

Same question about username?

Can I chose one that I can remember it or does it have to be a email address with a totally useless one such as AOL or Lycos so that if I try change it it is locked forever and keeps my money, if I refuse to continue to pay the SOBs forever?

  skidzy 14:58 23 Feb 2008

Personally for me ,go for PCLinuxOS 2007 as near to windows as it gets.Some info to help you along if needed click here

  Amalric III 15:20 23 Feb 2008

I have tried this before and wasted my time. One more time!

What does Ubuntu 7.10 expect as user name and password?

What is required for password? Number of numerals? Letters? Symbols? What order?

Same for username? Email address? Anything?

  Procrastinus 15:48 23 Feb 2008

I have installed and am sucessfully running Ubuntu 7.04. I used my own name as User Name and an 8 letter password. Simple as that! Good luck

  iambeavis 17:09 23 Feb 2008

The user name must be lower case letters, otherwise it's as 608 said.

  DieSse 17:13 23 Feb 2008

"What does Ubuntu 7.10 expect as user name and password?"

It expects whatever you told it to use when you installed it. Part of the installation procedure asks you to provide the user name and password you wish to use after installation. I've never had an issue with this - it's very straightforward - it'll use what you tell it to.

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