First post, wireless problems need help.

  D.G,E 19:55 16 Nov 2006

i am having problems with a toshiba satalite lap top the problem is that the wireless conection connects to the network but i cannot load a web page in internet explorer it displays dns error.

the school i work for just brought this as there old laptop's lcd screen went but was still operational on the smart board so i copyed the isp and dns address from the old laptop and typed them on the toshiba satalite which i thought was the problem but no luck even dissabling firewall never worked.

  skidzy 20:35 16 Nov 2006

Where are you trying to connect to ? the schools network/your house/ etc.

If your house you may need to configure the router or enter the encryption key to your lappy if the host pc is secured by a WEP or WPA key.

Your Operating System please Xp ?
Are you trying to connect to a router ?

More info the better help availble.

  Technotiger 20:41 16 Nov 2006

Hi, as skidzy says - more information needed. "the school i work for" ? surely you are not a Teacher?


  D.G,E 20:47 16 Nov 2006

the laptop is windows xp home and its the schools connection theres nothing wrong with the network conection the wireless device is built into the laptop and it picks up the network in year 6 and year 5 i ve even type in the wep code as its protected i get a conected sign in the system tray but the problem is that when i conect to the internet and load a page like google it fails to load up i ve check the wireless device and there are no problems with the driver or others related to the system.

  Technotiger 20:54 16 Nov 2006

Have you ever been able to load web pages at all, or is this your first attempt at trying to load pages?
Are you using Internet Explorer and have you tried to load any pages other than Google?

Also, where are you trying to use the laptop - at school or at home?

I know this is more questions than answers, but all needed if we are to be able to help you.


  VoG II 20:55 16 Nov 2006

Try click here

And welcome to the forum.

  skidzy 20:58 16 Nov 2006

Sounds like you need to assign your ip address.

Instead of me rambling on trying help you through this,you may be better printing this page out and follow it to the here

  D.G,E 20:59 16 Nov 2006

i am there computer tech the school is st edmunds primary in enfield and all the schools laptops are connected wirelessly to the internet in this case this laptop that was brought a toshiba satalite a replacement for a teacher because her old laptop's lcd screen display had went.

using the wireless on the toshiba yes every think worked all the connections appeard for that area year 5 and 6 but once i typed in the wep code and conected to the year 6 network it seemed all fine the connections icon was in the system tray saying connected to year 6 signal medium etc and the speed but when i open internet explorer and typed in googles address the page never loaded and i did try other sites and the same happend its not loading any internet pages up.
other laptops in the school work fine i just cant get my head arround it thanks.

  D.G,E 21:05 16 Nov 2006

i did assgn it using the ip address from the laptop that was brokern i managed to get the display on the smartboard both ip and dns adresses was typed onto the toshiba satalite.
there using internet explorer 6 thanks for the advice cheers.

  skidzy 21:09 16 Nov 2006

Ok,assuming the connection is fine maybe IE 6 is corrupt.
Download this and copy to a flash drive or cd and run on the lappy. click here

Or a repair click here

  Technotiger 21:10 16 Nov 2006

Me again - have you tried VoG's suggestion - he is one of our resident Experts - wid a Capital 'E'.

Cheers, and as VoG says - 'Welcome to the Forum'.


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