first build gaming system

  //adz_w/// 19:43 18 Jan 2014

Hi, I'm building a gaming computer and had everything sorted until the haswell CPU's were released and now I'm stuck between the 3'rd gen and 4'the gen CPU'S.

my system included;

Case: corsair obsidian 650D CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K or the Intel Core i5 4670K Motherboard: Asus P8Z77 V PRO or the Asus Maximus V1 Hero C2 Cooling: Cool Master Hyper 212 EVO (120mm) PSU: Corsair AX Series 860w SSD: Samsung 840 pro 128GB HDD: Western Digital Green 1TB Disk drive: Samsung 24x SATA DVD Writer or a blue ray drive Graphics card: either GTX 760or the GTX 770 OR R9 270X RAM: corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 2X 4GB

My budgets around £1000 + If any one has any suggestions then do say especially monitors keyboards and mouse

I'm going To do future upgrades such as dual monitors, SLI and 16gb ram Is everything comparable? And do I neeto buy fans for the case? Or are they already installed?

  nickf 12:02 19 Jan 2014

Unless you are VERY confident about building yourself , I would recommend taking a look at some of the custom builders out there . As an example , this is available from Scan click here . It can easily be customised to your spec , with the advantage of a warranty , also cost will not be that much more than purchasing parts yourself . With regards to monitors , as a rough guide I would advise that you spend around the same on a monitor as you do on your graphics card . Try and get a 120Hz monitor . As for keyboard and mouse , this is something quite personal to you . I personally use Razer only because they make a L/H gaming mouse ( deathadder ) . If you do decide to build yourself , buy your MoBo , CPU , RAM and cooler as a matched bundle from one supplier , again an example from Scan click here . I use Scan myself , so can personally recommend them with confidence . There are many other companies , such as Chillblast , PC Specialist , etc . Good luck .

  //adz_w/// 18:17 19 Jan 2014

I would prefer to build it myself as i do have experience taking apart and rebuilding computers just not and CPU and nounting the motherboard and power supply and that but id like to lean more and have the experience. but i could allways look into scan and that. what is the best CPU to have Haswell or Ivy bridge and should i go for the GTX 760 or the GTX 770 OR R9 270 i do want to play games on high settings

  Ian in Northampton 20:29 19 Jan 2014

Haswell is almost certainly the better choice, being the newer of the two. So far as graphics is concerned: spend the most you can afford. Seriously. I think NVIDIA have the edge over Radeon these days, so I'd go for a GTX. The only thing to watch out for is that, as you go up the scale, you typically get only relatively small performance increments for a lot more money. If you don't want to waste money, check out the recommended hardware specs for the games you plan to play. (As an example: my son only has a GTX660, but he's very happy with it in terms of frame rates, detail and so on on e.g. BF4 - but he's only driving an HD-ready 32" screen rather than a full HD one.)

  //adz_w/// 00:23 21 Jan 2014

Ok so haswell it is is the motherboard ok and is the 212 EVO ok with the motherboard I plan to go 1080p on the monitor but I don't know what sort of graphics card I'll need will a 760 or even 660ti run games like BF4 and assassins creed black flag on medium or high at around 30 to 60 fps

  martd7 10:55 22 Jan 2014

To be honest if you look at the comparison here theres not a lot between the 2 cards performance wise

click here

  //adz_w/// 15:10 22 Jan 2014

Not much differance at all might as well go for the 660ti if it's the better option the 770 any better performance wise or does it make little difference. I could save the money or get a better monitor, or does having a better monitor make any differance with the 660ti?

  martd7 15:28 22 Jan 2014

£80 difference in price slightly better performance from the 760 as the comparison chart shows against the 660ti,a better monitor will have an effect on any graphics card,just depends how much you spend on one

  martd7 16:00 22 Jan 2014

660ti v 770

click here

  nickf 17:54 22 Jan 2014

No massive advantage with Haswell for gaming , as Haswells main upgrade over Ivy Bridge was graphics and power usage . Use the extra few quid to invest in a better Graphics card . Definitely go for the 770 , Scan do there own overclocked version click here, I don't know how this compares on price with others available tho . Good luck

  nickf 17:57 22 Jan 2014

Oh , almost forgot , unless you are planning to go SLi in the future you don't need such a powerful PSU . 650w should easily cope . I run a GTX680 sc Signature with an overclocked i7 ivy bridge with no problems on a Corsair 650w .

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