First attempts at website

  georgemac 10:33 01 Feb 2004

This is my first attempt at building a website, and I would be grateful for comments. click here to view the site. I am involved to a small extent in this campaign, but the guy in charge is getting a professional webpage constructed, but as a project I thought I would try and construct something.

My son (11) and I also hope to construct a website, for the family to view and have made a start click here again grateful for comments. Am a little unsure about having too much personal details and probably photos on the internet available to anyone, again grateful for your thoughts on this.

  phil 14:48 01 Feb 2004

With your son's site it's not good practise to have an external site load in your own frames, ie the Man Yoo and Aberdeen websites.

You will need to change the code for each link on your menu to include a target at the end: target="_blank"

That will then force a new window to open.

  georgemac 15:42 01 Feb 2004

for that tip, have fixed it now, when it was built that is what we wanted but did not know how to do it.

Wish I could get broadband, the connection today seems painfully slow.

Could I make a suggestion regarding the first site. You have no link to the HIE website click here nor do you list the Free-phone number for registrations with them.(unfortunately i cant remember it off-hand but the TV ads should start up again next week). Tying in to there campaign will probably be of benefit to you,

  georgemac 17:38 01 Feb 2004

thanks, an interesting link, although we are outside the HIE area, but I managed to visit the broadband for scotland and scottish enterprise sites from there.

Have some images taken from digital camera, trying to build a web page but struggling with image size etc, have to do some research.

  The GnoMe 07:53 02 Feb 2004

just a tip, you dont need the aminmated title and hot news. as they look bad ( i think) and take you eyes off the actual page content

maybe just have the envelope

also try and set a colour scheme for the page

also maybe set up a table(set at say 80%) and put your text in that so it doesn't just sprawl out accross the screen and maybe change it to veranda

just a few pointers

other than that i can see this site becoming a useful resource for people to learn more about bb

  georgemac 09:59 02 Feb 2004

have set a colour scheme, and changed the font to verdana as suggested.

will leave the animated text for now until I perhaps get a few more comments, thought it looked bland without this.

about the table, not sure exactly what you are suggesting, is it a 2 column table with a row for each piece of text, with the text at the right or just a table with 1 colums to take the text in from the edges of the page?

  georgemac 10:09 02 Feb 2004

have uploaded the files and the colour scheme did not work even although it is OK in frontpage 2002 when previewd in browser.

  georgemac 12:53 03 Feb 2004

improving file management a little - I think - our home site is now click here the broadband site still works with the first link.

Still have to make a couple of small tweaks.

  Chegs ® 14:49 03 Feb 2004

have uploaded the files and the colour scheme did not work....

I used a theme from FP to build my site,and a bit of experimenting got me the desired result.In your FTP prog,ensure you are uploading ALL the bits.(fachsepa.gif,facbul2a.gif,etc)else you get just a plain white page.

  georgemac 18:22 03 Feb 2004

looks like the colour scheme did work then?

OK I will take these comments on board and definitely visit the site mentioned above about accessibilty.

and hopefully tomorrow the animations will be gone.

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