First attempt at a website

  paul654 01:46 13 Dec 2005

I intend to try my hand at building a website. I've never done this before so any help would be apreciated. I hope to create a site about my home-town. As its my first attempt I was hoping to do it for 'free'(I'm obviously willing to pay for the domain name that refers to my home-town) so can anyone recommend any good 'Free' web hosting services offering greater than 100Mb, or am I expecting too much.

  Skills 01:57 13 Dec 2005

Try bravehost it only offers 50Mb of free space thou or heres a google search which shows a few with 100meg of space never used them thou click here=

  MAJ 09:33 13 Dec 2005

It's not the amount of webspace that a free host will allow you, that you need to worry about, paul654, it's the amount of bandwidth you are allowed before you have to start paying, or (in most cases with free hosts) your site is left inaccessible. 100MB is a huge amount of webspace, your website will come nowhere near that size, 10MB (if even that) is more likely.

  Mytob 10:37 13 Dec 2005

i dont think your going to have much sucess with free servacis. iv tryed them and they dont give you much in terns of bandwidth and space and 99% dont come with php mysql and perl which in my mind are incredibly useful for making your site more functional ie forums counters ect. id go for one of the paid for packages from a site as these will offer a better deal in the end. myself i thought stuff that and got my own server. Cobalt Raq 4i 450mhz cpu 512 ram and 120g hd running linux. so what if it cost me 150 i get total control over all aspects and unlimited bandwidth to my site via business broadband and a static ip! it will cost you more in the long run though but you do get TOTAL CONTROL with no anoying licences and policies. This way suited me but it wont be for every one. As for a actual site id use sumthing like phpnuke click here but you need php and a mysql database to use it which will cost you.

  sinbad1 11:01 13 Dec 2005
  sinbad1 11:14 13 Dec 2005
  paul654 11:58 14 Dec 2005

Thanks for all the advice folks...
I get my Broadband from Pipex who offer 50Mb free webspace but ( being a newbie) I cant tell if there's a way that I can name my website to include the name of my home-town so that people will be directed to it on Search Engines.For instance according to Pipex, my website URL would be 'www.'my name'' so how would this allow people to search for my site on Google? I'm so confused.
Can I register a Domain name with someone like click here and use that name on my Pipex free webspace??

  octal 13:05 14 Dec 2005

It doesn't matter too much with regard to searches on engines like Google, they usually look for key words in things called meta tags, which are codes within your web page that the search engine looks for. They don't look at the URL address because often they can be quite meaningless to the content of the site.

  octal 13:07 14 Dec 2005

This gives information on meta tags click here

  Bagsey 15:31 14 Dec 2005

I run a web site for our Probus Club using Bravehost free and I have not had an problems at all . Their service is very good with lots of added gizmos. Free counters, Guestbook etc. see
click here

  Bagsey 09:08 15 Dec 2005

Sorry I meant to add that I got a quick address which includes the Club nam also free. Just google quick urls.
click here

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