First Attempt - Comments please

  Dirty Dick 16:43 10 May 2007

My first attemp for a friend. Comments would be appreciated, but please nbe gentle.

click here



  simon_lambert 20:15 10 May 2007

While it was loading it didnt come up with the red background for a sec: i prefer it like that. It is easier to read and looks more professional, as the red box doesnt fill the screen. Your page will load faster without it.

The top of the page is good, kept simple with key info on top, dont change that.

All in all it is a good site. Well done.

  imacd 07:58 11 May 2007

I agree with simon_lambert, the red backround behind the text does make it more difficult to read. How about a red background to the page and a white background for the text? I am colour blind, but I don't know if that makes a difference here?

  Forum Editor 16:31 11 May 2007

Remove the red background - the site will look much better.

Then add some images, cars with L-plates and smiling learners, that kind of thing.

  Jim Thing 12:09 13 May 2007

Your website is nicely thought out and gives useful information in a well-organised way. I've spotted a few flaws in spelling and punctuation, but I don't wish to bore other members witless by rabbiting on about commas that should be semi-colons, etc.

May I e-mail you via the yellow envelope?

BTW I'm unable to access your site at present.

  Forum Editor 12:32 13 May 2007

spelling and punctuation errors, but of course they can be tidied up fairly easily.

More important, at least to begin with, are inconsistencies in the content presentation. A case in point is the 'show me, tell me' page. You start off with the answers nicely italicised, but abandon that as the page goes on. Having the answers in italics makes the whole thing much easier to read.

Something else that will help is to reduce the body text point size; that might have the effect of eliminating the need for a visitor's browser to insert a vertical scroll bar (as on the Pass Plus page), and the overall appearance will be far better.

  RicScott 23:09 13 May 2007

Another pointer...
Try using an email encrypter on the contact page otherwise you'll get spammed to hell from spiders...

  Dirty Dick 10:18 14 May 2007

... I'm going to have a word with my friend about the changes suggested this weekend.
I'm not sure what an e-mail encrypter is, I've Googled for it and got an amazing number of hits, but I'm not sure what to look for. Do I need another programme to encrypt the e-mail, if so can any one recommend, preferabley, a free one.

  wishtobwireless 23:10 18 May 2007

that the opening page should grab the attention! So whatever it takes to get people to keep looking at the site it must be on the opening page. From what I saw perhaps the rates your friend is charging seem very good so perhaps this needs to be an attention grabber.
Also as I am a pessimist and to most teenagers the following statement
'Making safe driving a priority', is not there priority! and could even be a turn off.

Just a thought have a look at woowoowoo site about the blue tits (on the front page of helpforum for the past two weeks) some great colours there...

  wishtobwireless 07:31 19 May 2007
  robgf 13:24 19 May 2007

I would agree with everyone else, get rid of the red background.
Bear in mind that sites like the blue tits one, are very pretty, but only practical if you have broadband, dialup users won't wait ages for a graphics heavy page to load.
As you want to get the most customers possible, you should stick with a site that loads quickly on dialup.
Use some nice images, but keep the file size down, the site should load in fifteen seconds, or less. Otherwise people will click away.

As for using a email encrypter, an image is the best option, but a html encrypter is a good choice, don't use a javascript encrypter, as it may not work with all browser configurations.
Email encryption freeware:
click here

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