First Attempt

  charles60 15:16 09 Dec 2010

Hi I am Just about to attempt to build my first PC here are the bits I have already;

PSU Corsair HX750W
Motherboard GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R
Intel i7930 Processor
Western Digital 640GB hard drive ( For OS )
Samsung 1TB Hard Drive ( for storage)
Cooler Master CM 690II Computer Case
What i need help with now is with how much memory I need and the best make & should i get more than 6 meg)
Sound Card ( If needed)
Graphic Card ( Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Kit [942-10701-0005-100]) is this worth getting
read/write Blue ray player
Sim card reader
plus anything else anybody can think off . The computer will be used for multi media Flight Simms & First person Shoot them ups. not worried about the cost thanks for any help

  gengiscant 15:40 09 Dec 2010

I for one would get an SSD for your O/S: one of these click here or this click here
You do not mention your GPU only the 3D kit.
Sound card, that is really up to you.Onboard sound has come along way and a seperate card is not really needed.
As for Ram you do not mention what O/S you will be using and whether it is 32/64 BIT but have a look here click here for compatible RAM and click on memory support list.
Your case hase pretty poor out of the box cooling so I would have a look at the Coolermaster Haf 922/932
I would go for one of these instead of the CPU stock cooler click here

  Terry Brown 12:29 12 Dec 2010

A lot will depend on your operating system.

An XP systemcan only access about 3gb of memory, however (as far as I am aware), the windows 7 has no upper limit.

The spec of the MB are quite impressive click here and I cannot see any need for an audio card and the inbuilt graphics should be ample (especially with W7) for your needs.

  bremner 12:37 12 Dec 2010

It is only Windows 7 64 bit that has a limit of 192GB of RAM (on top versions) not the 32 bit version

  tigertop2 14:14 12 Dec 2010

You have selected a good batch of components already. you don't mention a monitor but if you are thinking of 3D you will need to consider that -and a suitable 3D graphics card. The best 3D monitor for a decent price right now is probably the 23 inch Acer GD245HD. This is a second generation 3D monitor and is also fully HDCP compliant at 120Hz for 3D Blu-Ray playback unlike the earlier models such as the Samsung 2233 which have HDCP problems with 3DBlue Ray play back . I have both monitors and learned the hard way about the Samsung's HDCP incapability with Cyberlink Power DVD10 Ultra Blu-ray software. The Asus is problem proof in this respect
I also use my systems for Flight Sim and have found the Nvidia GT 460 GPUs to be excellent for 3D MS Flight Sim and 3D blu-ray. Certainly on a par with two ATI 4870's in Crossfire format for 2D gameplay. Get as much RAM as you can afford.

  charles60 17:23 12 Dec 2010

Thanks for that tigertop2 I am thinking of getting this for 3D NVIDIA GE Force 3D Vision card for the 3d Do I also buy the graphic card that you recommended as well and does the 3d card then piggy backs on to the more powerful graphic card. Sorry if i sound a bit thick here but i am new to this pc 3d Also can i ask you as a flight sim fan to get the flight sim to run at its best what will be the best amount of memory to buy 6,8,12.Meg and also the best make to buy Thanks

  Terry Brown 20:13 12 Dec 2010


Out of courisity, what the the upper ram leval for Windows 7 32 bit.(Home premium)


  bremner 21:47 12 Dec 2010


and the 64 bit editions click here

  charles60 18:55 13 Dec 2010

Its the computer thicky again sorted about the graphic card thingy now I thought that the 3D thing was a graphic card and glasses I now see you have to get a graphic card to be compatibly with the infra red box and glasses and software SILLY ME !!!!. If you don't mind me asking again tigertop2 as i play flight sims and fps you say go for as much memory as you can afford can you please tell how much i will need will it be 6,8,12 or more to run the flight sim at its best and what make to buy The mother board I will be using is a GIGABYTE X58A UD3R and a intel i730 Processor. the other thing is I wont be getting the parts until April next year but I want to make a list now as I might get it slightly cheaper in Malaysia. Thanks

  bremner 19:43 13 Dec 2010

If you are getting W7 32 bit then only get 4GB.

If you are getting W7 64 bit then get 8GB

  charles60 23:09 13 Dec 2010

So you think no more than 8Gb then. Its a bit of a jungle I see out there on the memory front. Could you please help me and tell what is the best type to go for. Considering i will be using it for flight sims FPS and multi- media and i will be using windows 7 64 bit would it be worth going a little bit more or would I be wasting my money

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