Firmware Upgrades

  baldyx 21:22 08 Aug 2007

How safe is it to upgrade Firmware on my dvd writer (Phillips DVD+-RW DVD8631 version CD21 )?

If something goes wrong,can I restore to the previous version of the Firmware?

Is there a new version of Firmware available for the above dvd writer?


  Stuartli 21:39 08 Aug 2007

Unless you absolutely need to update firmware leave your rewriter as it is - you only need one small error and the drive will almost certainly be only fit for the dustbin.

However, if you still wish to go ahead, the Philips DVDRW8631 is apparently the same drive as the Benq DW1620.


click here (see note 5-1-6).

Also see:

"First the Philips (unzipped) version Gd30
( click here ); if this doesn’t work, try the BenQ version B7W9 (unzipped) version ( click here )

The general opinion on other forums is that it's not a particularly good rewriter.

But a new one, if it all goes wrong, will be less than £20 for one of the latest top brand DVD rewriters from Scan, Dabs etc.

  baldyx 12:16 11 Aug 2007

I have just upgraded the Liteon dvd writer from 'BS0H' to 'BS0Y'.
However after update, the original F drive disappeared and shows as 'E' drive. Also
the original problem (the Liteon drive keeps the light on and the disc keeps revolving !) is still there.

Should I revert back to the original firmware?

Because of this I am also reluctant to upgrade the other internal dvd writer (Philips 8631 Cd21)
from CD21 to GD30 .

  Stuartli 12:53 11 Aug 2007

I would suggest you only have one drive in the system at a time when updating firmware.

If you Disable both drives from Device Manager and reboot after connecting one drive, the correct letter should appear for it.

Then reconnect the second drive and also reboot.

  baldyx 20:29 14 Aug 2007

I have upgraded the firmware on my DVD writer Philps 8631 to GD30.
However after upgrade I have noticed slow response from the writer when reading a dvd.

Is this normal after upgrade or acn I speed it up somehow?

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