kkkoolkev 23:55 13 May 2004

i am thinkin off flashing my firemware on my dvd burner are there any risks involved

  Chegs ® 01:47 14 May 2004

Only risk is that you might completely wreck the drive.Flashing of firmware is not for the faint hearted,or the unsure.You must be 100% certain the file you want (firmware) is definately for your particular model drive.

  Stuartli 09:53 14 May 2004

...and that it's even necessary to update the firmware.....

  woodchip 10:09 14 May 2004

To be avoided if at all possible

  temp003 10:27 14 May 2004

A lot of the firmware updates for DVD burners these days are for updating the Media Code, i.e. add support for different brands/types of blank DVDs, to add compatibility with disks (and so that the disk can be burnt at the proper speed - which doesn't always happen).

Very occasionally, you can get a firmware which actually increases the burner's maximum burning speed. This is rare for obvious reasons, but it does happen.

Check what the new firmware is supposed to do. If it's just to update the Media Code, and you've been using quality blanks (which ought to work properly with the burner anyway), there's no need to flash the firmware.

But whatever the firmware does, there is always a risk. Up to you. Don't try any unofficial firmware flash if you want to keep your warranty.

  TomJerry 10:34 14 May 2004

If you use offical firmware provided by manufacturer and follow their instruction down to last letter, I do not see any problem. I do it as long as any firmeware available. But do not use any hacked version unless you prepare to take risk.

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