Fireworks mx internal error

  fredyflame 13:28 03 Jun 2004

Every time i try to load a saved png file I get a "cannot load file due to an internal error" message
running windows xp pro 512 mem, big graphics card

  Taran 15:42 03 Jun 2004

Start>> Settings>> Control Panel>> Administrative Tools>> Event Viewer

Once the Event Viewer is open highlight each of the three entries in the left column in turn and see if there are an errors listed relating to Fireworks. If there are any they will probably be in the Application section. Double click on the error in the right hand panel to get further details and often there is a link to more help on the web.

The point about it is though, that it may well offer you more information to go on than the error message alone, which is not one I've seen before.

Two things to try:

1. if you have any Fireworks extensions installed try disabling them through the extension manager and see if that improves things.

2. Tweak UI in Windows XP can cause an internal error message in Fireworks according to Macromedia support.

  fredyflame 15:58 03 Jun 2004

it does not show any errors in the event viewer for fireworks
I just tried to load a png and no new event for this time was showing

  Taran 16:26 03 Jun 2004

Have you tried reinstalling Fireworks yet ?

Check the simple things first. Is it just this PNG or all png's? if it's just this one then check wether it will open in another graphics program.

check the properties of the Image and make sure it is ot 'Read Only'.

  fredyflame 20:47 03 Jun 2004

The image does open but is not writable in other programs
No png file will open except the one supplied on the tuturial by macromedia and even that is not fully writable

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