fireworks MX,

  Analyst02 20:55 06 Sep 2004

A month ago i opened a new company and i am now in the process of producing a simple webpage. I have created a Gif (just flashing text)for my website and have it working fine.
However, I have created another Gif which i want to incorporate with-in the same document as the other Gif animation but operating at a different frame speed.

I can not for the life of me fathom out how to do this.. or even if i can? Your help is much appreciated.

  Analyst02 00:08 07 Sep 2004

Ok, So what are you suggesting?

To use just static Images and text?

I am open to any help and suggestions. changing what i have done and starting again is not a problem at all.

What i dont want to do is to go down the cut and paste road and would much rather design my own images. Is it a case of less is more? I accept after looking at numerous sites that flashing Text and moving images can look awful and amaturish at times.

So which would be the best way of making my site in the 'stand up and be counted' class?

  Forum Editor 00:27 07 Sep 2004

and I tend to agree about animated Gifs. I've seen very few that don't look awfully naff, and I find them irritating at best and infuriating at worst.

The holy grail of web design is a decent balance between style,content, and navigation but if one of those has to take a back seat let it be style - your site's content and navigation is all-important.

Concentrate on laying out your content (both images and text) in an easy to read manner. Avoid huge slabs of text, and fancy backgrounds,and above all - avoid anything that moves unless (to quote a hundred film stars) it's essential to the plot. By all means spend time creating your own logo and graphics, but only do so if you are pretty nifty in a graphics/imaging program like FireworksMX, Photoshop, or my long-standing favourite, Ulead PhotoImpact.

Leave the rotating, flashing, walking, smiling, tacky animated Gifs and/or java applets of shimmering water and suchlike to the boy racers of the web design world - they have no place in a stylish web site.

  Analyst02 00:38 07 Sep 2004

Well, Guess i'll be starting again then. I'll try not to get carried away! lol.

Forum Editor ... Out of curiosity, What makes you prefer PhotoImpact over FireworksMX? Have i spent alot of money on something that isnt a good piece of software?

  Forum Editor 01:06 07 Sep 2004

is fine - there's nothing wrong with it as far as I'm aware. It's installed on my computer, but I hardly ever use it. We all have our favorite software applications however and PotoImpact has long been mine for web-design purposes.

  james9 08:57 07 Sep 2004

Fireworks allows you to choose how long any frame is on, you can change the time in the FRAMES panel, or under the ANIMATION tab under (FILE->EXPORT PREVIEW) - this allows you to change all the frames to the same speed, or have different speeds for certain frames.

Although i agree I think animated gifs look tacky, I thought you might as well know the answer to your question!

And I think fireworks is a great program from web graphics, although I also use photoshop for websites, esp. photos!

James :)

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