Firewire to USB Converter?

  AFoxyLady 16:58 15 Apr 2012

Hi have an external CD, and the firewire cable power plug etc that all came supplied, when i bought it a few years ago. I now have a both a net book and laptop, that do not have any firewire connections. Is it possible to get a Firewire cable one end with a USB connection the other end?

I want to be able to watch Video Tutorials that are supplied on a disk on the netbook,and be able to work on the laptop. The netbook does not have a cd / dvd drive.

Any help or suggestions much appreciated.

  Nontek 17:31 15 Apr 2012
  AFoxyLady 17:37 15 Apr 2012

Thanks, but I already have one of those , and it only works with a camera. The small connector fits into any one of several of the cameras that I have.

I need a converter perhaps that I could put the fire wire in (female) and the opposite end would then be a USB. Having read much older threads it wasn't possible, but as technology has moved on, perhaps USB 2 would have enough power.

Neither the laptop or netbook has any pcmi (?)slots in either, as I also have a card converter, which I originally used on my old laptop when I bought the external cd.....

Back to the drawing board.

  Ian in Northampton 17:38 15 Apr 2012

Nontek: the customer reviews aren't exactly positive... :-(

  johndrew 17:39 15 Apr 2012

You mean something like these? You need to determine which is your preferred solution, but most are relatively inexpensive.

  Ian in Northampton 17:41 15 Apr 2012

Thinking about it, I struggle to believe that a simple cable can do the job. Surely, USB and FireWire use different protocols - so the FireWire device would be sending signals that the USB port wouldn't understand? I'd think it was more about logical connectivity than physical connectivity - so you'd need some sort of converter. I'm probably wrong...

  AFoxyLady 17:44 15 Apr 2012

Just found this!

Think it will work, and for the price, I guess I can't really go wrong....

  AFoxyLady 17:52 15 Apr 2012

Ok Guys and Gals - How do I now tick its resolved!

Reading another thread it said to the right of Likes where I posted the first question.... But I can't have the correct glasses on cos I just can't find anywhere it says "Resolved"

Sorry Blonde numpty here.......

  john bunyan 18:22 15 Apr 2012

On the right, just tick a tick that you like - it should go from grey to green (then "post") - you appear do have done that on johndrew's answer

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